Friday, 18 May 2018

WOW Award

I have made my teacher happy
Sofia Hagland in Jamaica-For trying hard to use her sound knowledge to read unknown words
Riley Newman in St. Lucia-For writing and reading back brilliant sentences
Dovydas Leonvas in New Zealand -For moving up a book band
Alisa Bespalovaite in Australia -For moving up a book band
Vansh Patel and Kajus Krisciunas in Palau -For moving up a book band
Dami Akeredolu and Alfie Joyce in Palau -For completing the home Learning Challenge
Ayan Zahid, Austeja Paulauskaite, Reuben Mubwiliza and Afnan Ahmed in Madagascar -For moving up a book band
Afnan Ahmed, Rehan Riyaz, Logan Bearman, Brea Cassell, Lily-Rae Mayer, Alicia McLister, Reuben Mubwiliza, Oliver Trinder, Ayan Zahid and Mya Hill-Moise in Madagascar -For completing their homework to a high standard
Benjamin Winjobi in Egypt -For Bingo homework
Zahi Abdullah, Tai Le, Melisa Guganesh, Matvejs Ursa, Jessica Lacatus, Lenny Surridge, Kali Hampson, Chajay Bolton, Brooke Debono, Anastasia Munteanu, Alexa Dormer and Benjamin Winjobi in Egypt -For moving up a book band
Sebas Voicu, Shay La-Rocque and Bella Trevarthen in Kenya -For moving up a book band
Ajus Kulsinkas in N. Ireland -For his fabulous Royal Wedding hat
Jasmine Rami in Wales -For her poetry homework
Safiyya Al-Azami and Maya Victoria Moliki in Scotland -For excellent work in history
Adedeji Okunoren in U.S.A -Who is now a Free Reader
Jaroslav Richter in Mexico- For his Ancient Egypt presentation