Friday, 4 May 2018

Reading Awards

The following pupil have read 10 books and receive a bookmark for their efforts, Joseph Wane, Kymarni Sharon, Kevin Lucaci and Isabelle Cutts

Fahdeelat Rodemade, Rianne Reid, Esmai Bearman andRamone Reid have achieved bronze reading awards for reading 25 books.

Silver Reader awards go to Lexi Combe who has read 50 books. She receives a silver certificate and a £5 book token for her efforts.

Daniel Golabek, Lukas Balciunashave and Sophie Thompson have read 75 books and they get a book of their choice for their fantastic effort.

A massive well done to this week’s gold reader Jessica Iancu who has read 100 books and receives a gold certificate and a trophy for her efforts.

A Platinum certificate and silver trophy are awarded to Alan Golabek for reading 150 books so far this year.

Well done to Vansh Patel who has read an incredible 200 books-He can now choose a set of books to read at his leisure.