Friday, 4 May 2018

WOW Award

I have made my teacher happy
Alexandrina Cojan in U.S.A -For creating and presenting a poster on the water cycle
Karla Nightingill in Greece -For researching information on The Victorians at home
Julie-Rose Godleman in Greece -For her fantastic,informative book review
Eemani Nicholas in Italy -For the fantastic poem she wrote at home
Dami Akeredolu in Palau -For moving up a book band
Kajus Krisciunas in Palau -For completing the home learning challenge
Feroz Javed in New Zealand -For moving up a book band
Kajus Mingalia in New Zealand -For home learning
David Alaezi in Barbados -For their independent maths work
Bogdan Cojan in Barbados -For their improved writing
Valentino Solanke in Jamaica -For trying hard to use his sounds to read unknown words
Sky Harwood in St. Lucia -For writing fantastic sentences independently