Monday, 9 May 2022

Bugtastic day in Reception

This morning the children in Reception were in for a treat when Nick from Bugfest came to visit. We got to get up close with a range of different insects, some of us were alot braver than the adults when it came to holding them! We met a giant millipede named Bertha who has 256 legs and found out that lemurs like to eat the juice millipedes produce as it stops them from being bitten by other insects. We also met a scorpion called pinch mc pinch face, a giant land snail, a cockroach, a beetle and even a stick insect or phasmid as we learnt is another name it goes by because it can just disappear in front of you. When seeing the stick insect Erik asked "are they invisible?". Nevaeh explained that stick insects "are spikey like a thorn" and Alessia thought the cockroach would tickle your hand. Twlight sparkle the tarantula proved to be a huge hit, with lots of children admiring her colouring and saying how cute she was. It is safe to say we all had a great morning, learning some fun facts and seeing the different insects up close. We would like to say a big thank you to Nick for visiting us.