Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Year 5 -Science workshop

The children in year 5 enjoyed a visit from Dr Gareth Francis, a scientist with 11 years' experience for a workshop today. This hands-on space workshop involved amazing demonstrations and hands on experiments to inspire budding scientists and engineers. The workshop explored:
  • Looking through telescopes
  • How the solar system and why planets move in circular orbits around the sun
  • How large space is and how our solar system is a part of a galaxy
  • Investigating how gravity is different on each planet and demonstration of how gravity is formed
  • An exploration of the 8 planets in our solar system
  • The different temperatures of the planets (using dry ice to demonstrate the temperature of Mars)
  • Exploring the rotation of the earth and days, months and years with globes and torches
  • Deep space, stars, galaxies and black holes

The children thoroughly enjoyed this experience and were really keen and enthusiastic throughout the session.