Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Gods and Goddesses in Year Three

In year three, we have been learning about Hinduism, and the celebrations Hindu people observe. We were lucky to be visited by two amazing Hindu presenters in a workshop. To help the children's understanding of Diwali, some students were invited to dress up as the brave Lord Rama, his younger brother Lakshama and Sita, as well as the goddess Lakshmi.

Diwali celebrates the triumph of good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. Some students were lucky to their face painted with flowers, a symbol of Diwali, and handstamps. 

We also learned the significance of ritual artefacts on the shrine built in our hall. Our children were able to practice their drum skills, smell sandalwood incense and fanned with feathers!

One student from each class was chosen to receive a book about Hinduism! We felt lucky to take part in such an immersive workshop. Namaste!