Friday, 22 October 2021

Celebration Awards 22-10-21


Achievement Certificates

Well done to this week’s Achievement Certificate winners who are Nuhaa, Arsalaan, Ianis and Karl (Kenya), Poppy, Rubi (Madagascar), Arya, Lenny, Tilly, Rose (Germany), David and Tommy (Greece)

Malta’s Star of the Week

Many congratulations to Jackson who was awarded the certificate for following instructions.

Star Writer Certificates

These children have excelled with their writing this week. Well done to Ali (Mexico), Jacob (Scotland), Sebastian (Palau), Jesse (Malaysia), Afnan (India), Robert (Australia) Ianis (Kenya), Isla (Madagascar), Victoria (Germany), Inaya (New Zealand), Riley (Wales), Jacob (Egypt), Chanel (Greece), Harrison (Northern Ireland)Jaime (China), Destiny (Malaysia), Jovan(USA) Sethika (Fiji) Ronnie (Brazil)

Star Reader Certificates

These children have worked really hard on their reading this week. Well done to Kavi (Australia), Layla (Mexico), Deja (Palau), Kaycie-Jo (Scotland), Harry (India) Emma (Kenya), Lenny (Madagascar), Justas (New Zealand), Jared (Germany), Jett (Wales), Louisa (Malaysia) Lexi (Egypt), Roberto (Greece), Amaliah (Northern Ireland) Lilly (USA), Summer (China) Zakariya (Fiji) Dianna (Brazil)

Star Mathematician Certificates

These children have enjoyed a fantastic week with their maths. Well done to Stephanie (Australia), Andy (Mexico), Theodora (Scotland), Dennie (Palau) Ryan (Kenya), Sammy (Madagascar), Zachary (Germany), Henry (New Zealand), Diamond (Wales), Poppy (Egypt), Chajay (Malaysia), Tyler (Malaysia), Gabriel (Greece), Amira (Northern Ireland), Michael (USA) Ayaan (Fiji) Lexi (Brazil)

Mathletics Award

Bronze certificate

Sidrah, Amy, Izabela, Donovan, Ignacy, Janvi, Amber, Shayan and  Ella (Egypt), Milena, Olivia, Domas, Kamil, Zelda, Zofia, Emilia and Sebastian (Palau), Merkhima, Evelin, Daniel K, Majus and Daniel R (Scotland), Jessica, Nancy, David D, Nathan K, Nathan N, David T and Kavi (Australia) Andrew, Nuhaa, Emma, Noah, Izyan, Kajus, Mia and Taha (Kenya), Ralph, Leo, Avyukt, Leya, Shay (Madagascar), Jacob, Zachary, Bella-Leigh, Victoria, Sofia (Germany), Callum, Henry, Amelia D, Lenny L and Rayan (New Zealand), Harrison, Cristian, Elda, Aayan, Kaden, Vilte and Anna (Northern Ireland), Gabriel, Michael N, Ivan, Paige and David (Greece), Amin, Ashantaye, Anastasia, Vansh, Jason (USA)Skyla, Zymal, Jacob, Victoria and Manha (Fiji, Emily, Zahi, Melisa, Dinuki, Jessica and Ayan (Malaysia), Kai, Daniel, Milana and Nicole(China), Austeja and  Olivia (India) Chase, Charlie, Nicole (Brazil)

Silver certificate

Domas, India, Dora and Zuzanna (Egypt), Emilia and Zelda (Palau), Daniel K (Scotland), Nancy, David T and Kavi (Australia) Noah (Kenya), Grace, Hollie, Andrey, Aum(Madagascar), Bella-Leigh (Germany), Charlotte, Oguzcan, Lenny M, Akhila (New Zealand), Aayan and Vilte (Northern Ireland), Michael N (Greece), Ashanti, Jason (USA), Jacob (Fiji), Zahi (Malaysia), Olivia and Milana (China), Austeja (India)

Gold certificate

Emilia (Palau), Daniel K (Scotland), Vilte (Northern Ireland), Milana(China), Austeja (India)

Golden Certificate

Congratulations to these children who have been awarded a Golden Certificate as they have made exceptionally good choices linked to The Mead Creed. These certificates are not easy to get so very well done to this week’s winners!

Malta (ARP)

England (YN)

Barbados (YR)

St Lucia (YR)

Antigua (YR)

New Zealand (Y1)


Palau (Y1)


Fiji (Y1)


Australia (Y1)

Jamie, Nathan K and Gabriel

Madagascar (Y2)


Kenya (Y2)

Karl, Emilia and Ryan

Egypt (Y2)

Scotland (Y3)


Wales (Y3)

Charlotte G, Maathumai, Maryam, Rhiya

Northern Ireland (Y3)


Italy (Y4)

Greece (Y4)

Tommy and Junior

Germany (Y4)

Tehzeeb, Bobby

Brazil (Y5)

Rianne, Nicole, Dianna, Tommy C, Rahat, Remi, Ella

Mexico (Y5)


USA (Y5)


India (Y6)

Aiza, Alishba, George

China (Y6)




Malaysia (Y6)

Brooke D, Hayden, Jack, Shomari, Tyler


Well done to Scotland, Greece and Malaysia who beat their attendance target for last week. We have just about recovered from the sickness bug which affected many classes and look forward to seeing lots of healthy and happy children after the half term break!

Congratulations to everyone who achieved an award this week, we are very proud of you!