Friday, 30 April 2021

Year 5 Certificate Winners

 This week we have had lots of certificates to give out in Year 5. Well done everyone and keep up the great work! 

Jack (USA) received  Bronze Tracker Award. 

Hayden (USA) received a Silver Tracker Award. 

Zahi (USA) received a Platinum Tracker Award. 

Gabriel and Aiza (Canada) worked very hard on their presentation skills and were awarded  Certificates for Presentation. 

Taylor (USA) got a Handwriting Award for Handwriting. 

Zahi, Ben, Matvejs, Melisa and Jack (USA) have read 25 books and got their Star Reader Bronze Award. 

Dinuki, Jake, Riley, Melisa, Ian, Harry, Emily, Taylor, Jack (USA), Maisie and Thai (Canada) have all read 10 books and got their bookmarks. 

Emily, Tia, Brooke, Louisa and Brooke (USA) all work hard to get a Resilience Award. 

Dinuki, Zahi, Melisa, Louisa, Rehan (USA), and Andriana (Canada) were awarded Bronze Mathletics certificates.  

Alexa, Sulejman, Shomari, Brooke D, Lenny (USA) and Lena (Mexico) really impressed their teachers and got a WOW Certificate. 

Famata (Mexico), George (Canada) and Ian (USA) were excellent in all of their lessons this week and were awarded E for Excellence. 

Jesse (USA), Reuben (Canada) and Lena (Mexico) were the Star Writers in Year 5 this week.