Friday, 23 April 2021

Newsletter 23-04-2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you are well and were able to enjoy some family time over the Easter break. Below are some awards that we would like to share with you and some important information that you should be aware of.

Polling Day - Thursday 6th May

Mead is being used as a Polling Station for the Greater London Elections on Thursday 6th May. The children do not need to come to school on this day and work will be set on Google Classroom. However, if either parent is a Key Worker or your child is considered to be vulnerable, places will be available for children to come to school to complete their Google Classroom learning. A few key points to note:

Breakfast Club will not open on this day as the school kitchen is closed.

Any child staying at school on this day must have a packed lunch.

Please complete the Google form by Wednesday 28th April to secure a place.

School will reopen to all children on Friday 7th May.

School photograph information
Carmel Jane Photography will be at Mead on Thursday 29th of April 2021, to take the individual portraits. All parents must pre-register, before the photography date above. This is important as it enables you to gain quick access to your child's photographs and the opportunity to purchase them.

To do this, you will need to go to and enter the following code: JRP3T8K

You will then be asked to pre-register and create an account using your email address and your child's full school register name. By pre registering, when the photos are ready you will receive an automatic email notification to inform you that your child's photos are now ready to be viewed and purchased, you will then be able to create your account or if you already have an account, please log in to view your child’s images.

All orders will be sent to your home address free of charge for a 2-week window.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer sibling photographs this year due to crossing bubbles but Carmel Jane Photography are opening up their studio for sibling shots during half term week from 1st of June to 3rd of June. You will need to contact Hayley on to book a slot between 10am to 2pm. The studio is located just between Brentwood and Ingatestone. There will be no charge for the booking and the photos will be uploaded to your private viewing gallery where you will be able to view and purchase the photos.

Attendance for this week is 97% which is fantastic! A huge well to you all for this, we really appreciate your support. We must also say a massive well done to Australia who have 100% attendance this week; I’m sure they will enjoy their cupcake party!

Star Writers
These children have used a range of powerful vocabulary and techniques to become a Star Writer. Well done to Athena (Antigua), Domas (Barbados, Aiden (Scotland), Alfie (Northern Ireland), Arya (Wales), Saivithan (Jamaica), Amaan (Palau), India (New Zealand), Mahir (Germany) Ellie- Mae (usa), Alex(Italy), Sarah (Greece), Iziah(Madagascar), Frankie (Egypt), Natalia (Australia), Jasmine (Chile), Larkenz (Mexico) Summer (St Lucia), Afnan (Canada), Sydney (Brazil) and Vanesa (Argentina). Look out for examples of their work on the blog!

Congratulations to these children who have demonstrated one of our four learning skills.

Learning Power



Deimantas(Italy), Andrey and Druan (Australia)




Lily (Italy)




Tracker Awards
Congratulations to the latest children who have achieved their Tracker Awards. We are very proud of their achievements!


Kaycie-Jo and Dempcee-Leigh(Madagascar) Nicolas(Kenya) 


Gracie (Egypt), Layla(Madagascar)

Certificate of Presentation
Well done to Sasha (Chile), Millie (Scotland), Ava J (Italy), Nuhaa and Noah (Palau), Robert (New Zealand), Rubi, Lyra, Amelia and Malakai (Australia), Daniel R(Madagascar), Sonny (Canada) who have presented their work beautifully.

Reading Awards
Reading is one of the most important skills we can teach our children. We are very proud of the children below who have demonstrated a real commitment to their reading. Well done!

10 books read. 

They receive a bookmark.

Mollie, Zakariya and Ayat (Antigua)

Billie and Albi (Barbados)

Freddie (Northern Ireland)

Rianne and Rahat (Germany)

Ryan (Palau)

Ella (New Zealand)

Saam (Kenya) 

25 books read. 

They receive a Bronze Reading Award.

Mollie and Zakariya in Antigua

Eva and Alexis (Scotland)

Karl and Stanley (Palau)

Maathumai and Renesmee (Egypt)

Maya (Wales)

Kajus, Dianna (Germany)

Joanna (Jamaica)

Scarlett (Kenya) 

50 books read.

They receive a Silver Reading Award and a £5 book token.

Lillie, Leah and Manha (Antigua)

Isabel and Izampela (Egypt) 


Layla and Emilia (Palau)

Isla, Samhita and Esther (Australia)

Amen and Amira (Kenya) 

75 books read.

They receive a book of their choice.

Skyla and Lillie (Antigua)

Zofia and Elwin (Barbados)

Olivia (Scotland)

Michael N (Northern Ireland)

Kaycie-Jo (Madagascar)

Izabela (New Zealand)

Damira and Leya (Australia)

Callum and Akhila (St Lucia)

Kydeigh (Kenya) 

100 books read. 

They receive a Gold Reading Award and a trophy.

Rayan, Skyla and Amari (Antigua)

Tyler (Barbados)

Riddhi (Germany)

150 books read. 

They receive a Platinum Certificate and a trophy. This is some achievement!

Victoria (Antigua)

Zelda (Barbados)


200 books read.

They receive a trilogy or a set of 3 books.

Victoria (Antigua)

Mathletics Award
Yet more fantastic achievements, this time for Maths. Excellent work!

Bronze certificate

David A, Bogdan, Max, Nisa, James, Olivia, Sophia, Dev, Alexis (Scotland) Manha, Ella, Sethika, Victoria and Ayat (Antigua), Emilia and Amirah (Barbados), Matteo, Sienna and Mahir (Jamaica), Callum, Clovis, Lenny M, Oguzcan, Millie and Rayan (St Lucia), Hollie-Rae, Aisha, Aum, Constantine and Andrey (Australia), Shayan, Ria, Janvi and Daniel (New Zealand), Daniel R, Daniel K and Majus (Madagascar), Kajus and Ema in (Greece)Isabel, Maryam and Gracie (Egypt), Kaden, Anna, Saam, Samuel and David O (Kenya), Irina (Chile), Gabriel and Michael N (Northern Ireland), Jacob (Wales) Zahi, Melisa, Louisa, Shomari (USA), Kajus (Germany), Andriana (Canada), Vlad (Chile), Nia (Brazil), Mahroosh (Brazil).

Silver certificate

Max, Nisa, James, Olivia (Scotland), Zakariya (Antigua), Olivia Ho, Zelda and Sebastian(Barbados), Nathan K (Jamaica), Eden, Lenny L and Akhila (St Lucia), Damira (Australia), Dora, Zuzanna and Ella (New Zealand), Nuhaa, Taha and Moksha (Palau), Janisha (Madagascar), Jacob (Wales) Louisa (USA), Kevin (Germany), Kajus (Greece), Vlad (Chile).

Gold certificate

Domas (Barbados), Jessica B and David T (Jamaica), Amelia and Ignacy (New Zealand), Izampela (Egypt), 

WOW! Award



Eva (Jamaica)

Beautiful artwork

Kavi (Jamaica)

Maths numbers to 20

Blessing (Jamaica)

Maths numbers to 20

Nathan N (Jamaica)

Name writing

Jessica (Jamaica)

Art work

Maryam (Egypt)

Moving up a book band

Nazmie (Germany)

Excellent homework

Simeon (Germany)

Excellent homework

Rahat (Germany)

Maths homework

Dinuki and Joe (USA)

Lunchtime award

Filip (Italy)

Excellent maths work

Coby (New Zealand)

Moving up a book band

Marley, Victoria, Min and Lillie (Antigua)

Excellent mini-beast drawing and sentence

Alfie (Mexico)

Forest School - Leadership skills

Evelyn, Akhila, Isla, 

Fantastic min- beast writing

Freddie and Archie

Knowledge of spiders

Kaden and Nevaeh, 

Amazing Fun writing 

Billy (Greece)

Moving up a Book Band

E for Excellence Winners

These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week.









St Lucia








New Zealand













Daniel O




Mickey-Ray and Amber







N. Ireland






Key Information and dates

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Havering Catering Lunch Menu

Thursday 29th April Individual school photographs (see P1 of this letter)

Monday 3rd May School Closed - Bank Holiday

Thursday 6th May School Closed - Greater London Elections (see P1 of this letter)

Thursday 27th May Final day of the half term (normal hometime)

Monday 7th June Back to School

Thursday 22nd July Final day of the Summer Term (normal hometime)

Have a good weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday, for another week of fantastic attendance!

Yours sincerely,

Mr D Denchfield
Executive Headteacher