Friday, 30 April 2021

Year 2 Awards

 Well done to Year 2 certificate winners this week are:

Here are the tracker award winners: Ty, Alesha, Charlotte G and Isabel(Egypt), Ryan, Alice, Francesca and David(Madagascar) and Eduard and Amaliah in Kenya.

These children have amazed us with their writing: 
Izampela(Egypt) Keeley(Madagascar) and Alannah(Kenya).

Well done to Ella(Madagascar), Levi(Egypt) and Vlad(Kenya) who have excelled.

Well done to Indigo, Tyler, Hazel and Joshua(Egypt) who have demonstrated resilience this week.

Well done to Anete, Indigo(Egypt), Ryan(Madagascar) and Honey, Abina, Krasimir, Elda, Matthew and Vlad(Kenya) for receiving reading awards.

Finally, these our the children who have taken great care with their presentation this week.
Gracie, Maryam, Nicolae, Renesmee. Ugo, Isabel and Izampela.

These children have wowed us this week.  Tommy, Levi, Ty, Isabel and Diamon(Egypt), Anna and Olivia(Kenya) and Daniel K, Majus, Alice. Ella, Georgi and Mohammad(Madagascar).

We are so proud of you all!