Monday, 26 April 2021

Year 2 Awards

Year 2 have had another successful week and here are our award winners:

This week’s star writers are Frankie(Egypt), Antony (Kenya) and Iziah(Madagascar).

These children have excelled:

Jack and Mickey-Ray(Egypt), Amaliah(Kenya) and Daniel O(Madagascar).

Here are our reading awards:
Maathumi, Renesmee, Isabel and Izampela(Egypt) and Saam, Amira, Scarlett, Amen and Kydeigh(Kenya) Keeley and Alexander(Madagascar).

These children completed their trackers:
Gold Trackers: Layla(Madagascar) and Gracie(Egypt).
Silver Trackers: Nicolas(Kenya) and Kaycie and Dempcee(Madagascar)

We have been WOWED by these children:
Maryam(Egypt), Kaden and Nevaeh(Kenya) and Kaycie(Madagascar).

Daniel R(Madagascar) has done some amazing handwriting this week.

Well done to these children.  
You have made us very proud.