Friday, 10 September 2021

Celebration Awards 10/09/2021


As this is the children’s first full week back to school, they have not all had the chance to receive some of our awards. I am sure these will start to be awarded in the weeks to come!

Achievement Certificates

Well done to this week’s Achievement Certificate winners who are Samhita, Esther, Isla, Lyra, Visha, Hollie, Avyukt, Shay and Damira (Madagascar).

Malta’s Star of the Week

This week’s Star of the Week in Malta is Noah who was awarded the certificate for coping with some big changes this week.

Star Writer Certificates

These children have excelled with their writing this week. Well done to Faith (Palau), Olivia (Northern Ireland), Moksha (Kenya), Visha(Madagascar), Lenny(Germany), Haydar (Greece), Eleni (Italy) Rayya (Egypt), Izampela (Wales), Daniel R (Scotland), Ava JA (Mexico), Nancy (Australia), Georgia (India), Jack (Malaysia), Summer (China), Kezrae (China), Amelia H (New Zealand), Dianna (Brazil) and Ema (USA).

Star Reader Certificates

These children have worked really hard on their reading this week. Well done to Hayden (Palau), Kaden (Northern Ireland), Nuhaa (Kenya), Poppy(Madagascar), Tehzeeb (Germany), Millie (Greece), Daniel (Italy), Yasmin (Scotland), Harry (Mexico), David T (Australia), Kadisha (India), Amber (Egypt), Evelyn (New Zealand), Thereisa (Brazil) , Billy (USA), Alfie (China) and Melisa (Malaysia).

Star Mathematician Certificates

These children have excelled with their writing this week. Well done to Ruby (Palau), Aayan (Northern Ireland), Lucille (Kenya), Malakai (Madagascar), Ogohom (Germany), David (Greece), Amy (Egypt), Millie (Italy), Nicholae (Wales), Muhammad (Scotland), Ian (Mexico), Emaan, (Australia), Eric (New Zealand), Kevin (Brazil), Joey (USA) Jaime (China), Cameron (China), Ellie-Mae (India) and Lenny (Malaysia).

Golden Certificate

Congratulations to these children who have been awarded a Golden Certificate as they have made exceptionally good choices linked to The Mead Creed. Well done!

Malta (ARP)

England (YN)

Barbados (YR)

Not in full time school yet

St Lucia (YR)

Not in full time school yet

Antigua (YR)

Not in full time school yet

New Zealand (Y1)


Palau (Y1)


Fiji (Y1)

Australia (Y1)


Madagascar (Y2)


Kenya (Y2)

Maisy, Layla and Charley 

Egypt (Y2)

Janvi and Rayya

Scotland (Y3)


Wales (Y3)


Northern Ireland (Y3)


Italy (Y4)

Fareeda and David

Greece (Y4)

Chloe, Lola and Bailey

Germany (Y4)


Brazil (Y5)

Mexico (Y5)

USA (Y5)

India (Y6)

China (Y6)


Malaysia (Y6)


Congratulations to everyone who achieved an award this week, we are very proud of you!