Thursday, 13 January 2022

Year 4 rainforest animal experience

 Year 4 Rainforest Animal Experience

Yesterday, year 4 were lucky enough to have some very exciting visitors! In line with their learning about rainforests in geography and their balanced arguments about deforestation in English, the children had the opportunity to meet and learn about some fascinating rainforest creatures!

Firstly, we met a corn snake! We learned about a variety of different rainforest snakes.

Then, we met a tarantula! We found it particularly interesting that, although spiders often have 6 eyes, they are almost blind!
Next, we met an extremely rare gecko who had a climb on our arms!
After that, we met a very friendly rat! We learned about rats that live on the forest floor of the rainforest - including giant rats!
Lastly, we met a cockroach and learnt about the important part that they play in the rainforest's eco-system.

This was a very interesting and informative session and we are very much looking forward to learning more about rainforests this term!