Friday, 4 December 2020



Year One have had another successful week!

Isla and Lyra in Australia have read 25 books, receiving a bronze reading award.

We also have Damira, Andrey and Leya in Austalia, Donavan and Dora in New Zealand and Taha in Palau, who received silver reading awards this week for reading 50 books.

Ria in New Zealand read 75 books and will receive a book of her choice.

Well done to Poppy, Zuzanna, Darius, Ella, Domas, Sidrah, Ignacy and Donovan in New Zealand, Lyra, Esther, Andrey, Damira, Poppy, Leya, Shay, Ralph, Isla, Ralph, Lenny and Lily in Australia and Taha and Nuhaa in Palau, who all achieved WOW Awards this week.

Sidiq in New Zealand, Emma in Palau, and Lorena in Australia received Handwriting Awards.

The Star Writer certificates were awarded to Isabela in New Zealand, Visha in Australia and Nuhaa in Palau.

And finally the E for Excellence certificates were awarded to the whole of year one for a fantastic performance of our Christmas play

Well done everybody, we are very proud of you all!