Friday, 4 December 2020

Year 6 rewards


Well done to this week's Year 6 award winners: The week’s Star Writers are:

Argentina- Ruby

Brazil- Abigail

Chile- Jason


The pupils in Year 6 who received an 'E for Excellence' certificate are:

Argentina- Joshua

Brazil- Nazia

Chile- Reggie


Isabel, Nina and Leah received an award for reciprocity and received a certificate for reflectiveness. Joshua, Anya, Kelvin and Aliyah were helpful at lunchtime and received a lunchtime award.

Pavel, Rebekah, Wajeeha, Joshua Emilie, Mia, Nia, Mahroosh, Leah, Jason, Chloe, Irina, Vlad and Reggie have worked really hard on Mathletics at home and have achieved a bronze award. Irina, Vlad, Emilie and Leah and Nia have also received a silver Mathletics award this week.