Tuesday, 2 February 2021


MESSAGE FROM COLETTE FRASER, YOUTH ARTS OFFICER. Havering Councils Arts Development Team are holding their February 2021 Half Terms Para Arts Session online (Special Educational Needs and Disability session). The session will be delivered by the wonderful Havering Music School.
This session will offer musical and creative experiences in a relaxed group setting. The session is designed in an inclusive way and no prior musical knowledge is required to take part. Music time sessions include a variety of activities supporting musical expression, body awareness and movement, and shared play. Whilst the session is taking place online, expression through movement, voice and instruments, as well as other available objects for making sounds are encouraged. The session allows everyone to take part at their own pace. Please note that a carer/parent/guardian must be present throughout the session. The session is free, but registration MUST take place in advance by Tuesday 16 February, please contact arts@havering.gov.uk or call 01708 434135 to register or for further information.