Monday, 2 July 2018

We're In The Paper: Ford Engineering Medal Winners

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Our pupils were delighted to be announced as runners-up of an engineering competition with Ford.

A team of ourYear 5 pupils worked through the Primary Engineering programme, a national scheme that works with schools across the country to inspire children to pursue careers in science and engineering.

They worked with Mr Gowers at school to build their own car, using real tools and equipment.

They considered structures, steering, propulsion and had to get their car to climb up a slope.

At the competition held at Ford Dunton, our pupils presented their work to the judges and were presented with second place trophy.

Teacher Mr Gowers said: “It was also wonderful to receive the feedback from judges that our children had achieved the key design goals set, were able to articulate the engineering techniques they had applied and had clearly enhanced their love for STEM as a consequence.”

Chris Rochester, 42, regional director of the company, said: “It was superb and incredible. We had amazing event with champion children who showed off their work after engaging and working with ford engineers."