Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Wonderful Wellgate Farm

On Monday the KS1 School Council representatives went to visit Wellgate Farm in Collier Row. Our goats Paige, Bertie and Blue, all came from there last year, and the staff all remembered them and asked how they were doing.  The children were shown around the farm. They looked at the chickens first. There were different breeds including a Polish one. We looked at some animals that we do not have on our farm, including a pig called Peppa, several different breeds of sheep and some cows. One of the cows was a Jersey cow who was 17 years old. The farm also had a Shetland pony called Dingle, who was extremely well behaved (unlike some cheeky ponies, mentioning no names Betsy!!). The children saw all of Dingle's blankets - he had four. One for keeping the flies off, one for the rain, one for the cold and one for bedtime. As it was a boiling hot day he had his fly blanket on. Dami commented, 'That turkey is very ugly!' but Brooke liked the rabbits best, 'They are so cute' she said. 

The visit was a reminder that this year the School Council raised enough money to buy six goats by decorating and selling cakes. They were donated to African families to help them earn some money to escape poverty through the WE - The Goat That Gives Back project.