Sunday, 19 January 2020

Nursery Newsletter Spring 1 Week 3

Dear parents
We hope you had a lovely weekend and are enjoying the sunnier weather. It was so lovely to see our children really enjoying their activities last week and reenacting the story of the 3 little pigs.
This week our focus story will be Goldilocks and the three bears. The children will be eating porridge,making bears and acting out the story in the home corner.
Image result for goldilocks and the 3 bears

During the Winter months please make sure your child attends Nursery with a waterproof jacket each day. Additional hats/scarfs etc may be needed if the weather is cold. We do believe in the children having some outdoor time each day but on particularly bad days we will keep them under the canape.
Please be aware children may finish Nursery slightly messy or slightly damp from playing outside. We believe that children learn a great deal from playing in different weather conditions and please be assured that your children will not be left in soaking wet clothing for the whole session. If you would like to send spare clothes in to keep at Nursery incase of accidents please hand them to one of the Nursery staff in a named bag.
Image result for young children playing outside clip art"

We now have the opportunity for our morning children to attend additional afternoon sessions if you have an appointment. These will cost 15 pounds for the extra lunchtime and afternoon session.
Bookings must be made by 12p.m on the previous Friday. Please talk to Nursery staff if you need some advice with this.

You all did so brilliantly with working with your child to learn to put their coat on that we have decided to put a weekly parent activity on this newsletter.

Thank you to Zelda`s family who sent in beautiful pictures of Zelda reading her bedtime story.We have printed off her pictures and displayed them in the Nursery.We would appreciate some more photos this week so will continue with the same activity.If your  child could borrow a book from our class lending library and then if you could send us a photo  and a short comment about your child and how much they enjoyed sharing their book.
We will then print the pictures off and share them in the Nursery.
Please  send the photos by email to
Image result for reading with your child clipart"

The Newsletter will also be published on the EYFS blog. You can view this from the school website: or by following the school facebook page.

Please  email staff if you have  any queries on or feel free to pop in and see us if you have any concerns.

Kind regards,

The Nursery Team
Here are some photos of the children enjoying cosmic yoga.

The children enjoying the 3 little pigs activity

and our new Nursery children
                                                        Welcome to David
                                                    Welcome to Keira
                                                    Welcome to Hayden

                                                    Welcome to Marley

Reception Newsletter Spring 1 Week 3



We hope you are having a nice weekend and enjoying actually seeing the sun despite it being a little bit cold.
The children are really enjoying our activities based on Traditional tales and we will be returning to this topic next week.This week we will be taking time to celebrate Chinese New Year. We will be learning about the different customs and tasting chinese food. We will also be making our own Chinese dragons.
Image result for chinese dragon craft

We understand how busy it can be in the morning and that sometimes for ease it is quicker for us to do something. We are kindly asking you to actively encourage your child to become more independent in their morning routines - hanging their coat on their peg, putting their book bag away and finding their cupcake. Some of the children are becoming very confident at coming in to school in the morning and are asking to come into school on their own.We would really encourage this independence in the children and will praise children who are ready to make their own way into their classes.

As we enter our Spring term, we know this is the term that we really see the children's early skills start to develop. The children begin to start decoding words and early writing starts to emerge, please support your child by ensuring you hear your child read at least 3 times a week. This really will make a big difference in their progress. Well done to Barbados class who won the reading award again this week.

Writing Workshop

Image result for pencil clip artOn Thursday we will be holding a writing workshop for parents to support your child`s early writing skills.The meeting will start in the Key stage 1 hall at 9.00.We will talk to you about the ways children learn to write for about 10-15 minutes and then bring the children in to complete some writing activities with your support.
We will serve tea and coffee at the start of the meeting so feel free to sit and chat to other parents after you have dropped your child off.

School Uniform Reminder - 

Please be reminded that children are expected to continue to wear the appropriate uniform of:

  • Black or grey trousers (Joggers in Nursery)
  • White polo shirt with a bottle green jumper or cardigan
  • Black shoes or plain black trainers (no boots)
  • Black or grey skirt/dress 
  • Plain tights

Children will not be permitted to wear Hoodies.

Only plain school coloured head bands can be worn- no oversized bows.

Only studs can we worn in school, please make sure these are removed for PE.

Please ensure children do not have makeup on or acrylic/painted nails.

Uniform will be given to those children who do not wear the correct uniform in the morning and will need to be returned before the end of school.

Polite reminder - If your child has had a change of clothes from school, could you please ensure these are washed and returned back to us.

We thank your continued understanding and cooperation in leaving pushchairs at the door. Some of our children are asking to come into school independently and we appreciate you encouraging your child to with this.

Request - 

We are asking for any donations of children's role play costumes which your child may have outgrown and can be used to enhance our role play area.

We will be using the Havering school menu which the children bought home. This week we are on Week 2 of the menu. Monday’s choices are:

                                 Red - Beef Burger in a Bun with Potato Curls
                                 Blue - Cheesy Tomato Pasta
                                Green - Quorn Burger in a Bun with Potato Curls

In Read,write inc the children have now begun working in smaller groups according to where they are up to with learning to blend. This will help the children to progress at their own level.

In maths we will be continuing with our Ten town work on teen numbers and looking at counting irregular sets of objects.
Image result for ten town

Thank you to all those parents who have returned their child's PE kits. A little reminder we have our PE sessions every Thursday. Could you please ensure your child has their P.E kits back in school ready for their lesson. Please could you also check that your child has the right P.E clothes in their bag as we do have some missing items and we would appreciate you checking at home for us. 
Thank you.

INSET Dates for 2019-20

4th September
3rd April
20th July
21st July
22nd July

Last day of the summer term will be Friday 17th July 2020.

You can access Havering term dates for 2019-2010 here:

Dates for your diary

Spring 1
Thursday 23rd January
Writing workshop
Friday 14th February
Break up for half Term

Monday 24th February
Back to school 

Our learning objectives this term will be listed under these headings:

Personal, Social and Emotional:

Confident to speak to others about own needs, wants, interests and opinions.

Can describe self in positive terms and talk about abilities

Can usually adapt behaviour to different events, social situations and changes in routine.

Communication and Language:

Joins in with repeated refrains.

Can retell a simple story.

Builds up vocabulary that reflects the breadth of their experiences.


Describes main story settings, events and principal characters.

Beginning to be aware of the way stories are structured.

Joins in with repeated refrains and anticipated key events and phrases in rhymes and stories.

Physical Development: 

Forms recognisable letters.

Can usually manage washing and drying hands.

Runs skillfully and negotiates spaces successfully.


To recap number recognition 0-10.

To recap number formation 0-10.

To confidently count to 20 and beyond demonstrating place value.

Understanding the World:

Remembers and talks about significant events in their own experiences.

Shows an interest in different ways of life.

Can talk about some of the things they have observed.

Expressive arts and design:

Constructs with a purpose in mind.

Manipulates material to achieve a planned effect.

Explores colour and how colour can be changed

If you would like to contact a member of the EYFS team via email the address is:

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Reception Team

Friday, 17 January 2020

Star Writers

These children have used a range of powerful vocabulary and techniques to become a Star Writer; Shay in Jamaica, D’arcy in Barbados, Tyler in Australia, Ezekiel in Palau, Roberto in Kenya class, Ayan in Germany, Rayyan in Wales, Kali in Greece, Kaycie-Jo in New Zealand, Isabella in Madagascar, Maliha in Brazil, Aiden in Egypt. Izabela in St Lucia, Sebas in Italy, Frankie in Scotland, Sarah in Northern Ireland, Kristupas in Mexico, Hanzalah in Canada, Lexie in U.S.A Bailey in Chile and Julie-Rose in Argentina. Look out for examples of their work on the blog!

Learning Power Awards

These are the awards we present to the pupils when they have demonstrated one of our four learning skills: Resilience, reciprocity, reflectiveness & resourcefulness.
Well done to Harry in Scotland, Tommy, Freddie and Alfie in Kenya and Arwyn in Egypt class who receive certificates for resilience, Carter in Scotland who receives a certificate for reflectiveness and Arjya and Lenny in Madagascar who have shown they can be very resourceful in school.

Tracker Awards

Congratulations to the latest pupil who has achieved their Bronze awards: Isabel from Australia

A Silver Tracker certificate is awarded to Paige in Kenya class Well done to her!

A massive well done to Victoria in Madagascar who has completed her Platinum Tracker.

Certificate of Presentation

Well done to Lorena in Jamaica, Emma in Barbados, Izampela in Australia, David in New Zealand, Michelle in Kenya, Daisy in Wales, Ordrey in Scotland, Sophia in Egypt, Bella-Leigh in Madagascar and Donald in Argentina who have presented their work beautifully; They have shown pride in their work and taken care with their handwriting and number formation.

Reading Awards

The following pupils have read 10 books and receive a bookmark for their efforts, Angelo, Biddy and Moksha in Barbados, India-Rose in St Lucia and Ian in Scotland.

Lucille in Barbados, Alannah and Gracie in Australia, Ella in St Lucia, Gabriel, Cattleya and Elena in Kenya, Leo in Scotland, Emilie in Canada, Dovydas in Wales class and Tyler in Greece Class have achieved bronze reading awards for reading 25 books.

Silver Reader awards go to Logan in Jamaica, Ithiel in Scotland, Alesha in Australia and Matthew in Palau, who have read 50 books. They each receive a silver certificate and a £5 book token for their efforts.

Dora in St Lucia and Antony in Palau have read 75 books and get a book of their choice for their fantastic effort.

Fact Hunter Award

In recognition of his insatiable appetite for knowledge and ability to sniff out amazing facts the following child has been awarded a certificate; Reuben in Germany.

WOW Award

I have made my teacher happy
Nuhaa, D’arcy, Lucille, Stanley, Layla, Angelo and Emilia in Barbados -For completing additional learning at home
Avyukt in Jamaica -For moving up a book band
Hollie, Lorena, Lyra, Grace, Isla, Ralph and Aisha in Jamaica -For completing extra maths learning at home
Aamir in Jamaica -For completing his bingo homework
Michael T in Kenya class -Even though he was off he managed to finish his jobs.
Jake and Charlotte in Wales - For moving up a book band.
Tyler, Zahi, Matvejs, Sonny, Jake, Emily,Kali, Brooke D, Destiny, Ben in Greece Class -For swimming 1 width
Joe, Lenny, Sonny, Taylor, Harry, Emilly, Zahi in Greece Class -For swimming 1 length
Jessica in Greece Class -For becoming a free reader
Muhammad, Janisha in New Zealand -For completing extra work at home.
Kaycie-Jo in New Zealand -For doing lots of reading at home this week!
Muhammad in New Zealand -For moving up a book band.
Oghomwen in Madagascar - For completing Bingo homework.
Anmona, George in U.S.A -For receiving Lunchtime Awards
Sandra and Zuzanna in St Lucia -For moving up a book band
Antony and Marvellous in Palau -For completing Bingo homework
Samuel, Nicolas, Aayan, Elda, Matthew and Marvellous in Palau -For moving up a book band.
Lilly in Northern Ireland -For reading 10 books or more
Sadie and Charlotte F from Australia -For completing their homework bingo
Maathumai from Australia -For moving up a book band

E for Excellence Winners

These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week.
Barbados -Lexie
Wales -Jake
Jamaica -Kashan
Scotland -Alex
St Lucia -Lexi
Germany -Chajay
New Zealand -Muhammad
Greece -Dinuki
Australia -Alesha
Italy -Alfie
Palau -Nevaeh
U.S.A -Beau
Madagascar -David
Canada -Emilie
Egypt -Eleni
Mexico -Vanesa
Kenya -Lola and Elena
Chile -Jacob-lee
N. Ireland -Leona
Brazil -Eemani
Argentina -Lily-May
Malta -Jackson

Weekly Newsletter - 20th January 2020

Dear Parents,
Please be reminded that pupils can come into school from 8:30 but MUST be in for registration at 8:50. An increasing number of children are arriving late, which causes disruption to the classes and is distressing for the children who have to walk into the rooms after lessons have started.
Ofsted inspectors look at attendance and punctuality figures and these can have a negative effect on a school’s final judgement so please make an effort to ensure ALL children are in school on time.

Also-an increasing number of pupils are being collected late from school. Please be reminded that KS1 pupils should be collected at 15:00 and KS2 pupils at 15:10 (unless they are attending a club). Unfortunately, if parents are late collecting their children from clubs I will have to consider if the child can continue to attend. In extreme cases I will refer to social care, as on occasions we are having to wait beyond the time we would normally go home for a parent/relative to collect a child.

Diary Dates
Monday 20th January -Dental outreach day for Reception and year 1. Our school council will be meeting this afternoon.

Tuesday 21st January Germany class are visiting MOD Pizza in Romford this morning

Wednesday 22nd January- Forest school session for some of our year 3 pupils

Thursday 23rd January - Reception parents are invited to join us for a writing workshop between 9:00 and 10:00. Our Year 3 pupils are spending the day at the Natural History Museum while year 1 enjoy a production from the Hobgoblin Theatre Company in school this afternoon.

INSET Dates for 2019-20

Please note the school closure dates for this academic year.
INSET day 1- 4th September
INSET day 2- 3rd April
INSET day 3- 20th July
INSET day 4-21st July
INSET day 5- 22nd July
Please note that the final day of the summer term for pupils will be on Friday 17th July, 2020.
Term Dates 2019-20

Havering Catering Services
Week beginning Monday 20th January is week 2 on the Havering catering services menu. All meals are served with unlimited salad and vegetables and cost £2.25.
Please be reminded to top up your child’s catering account as we cannot provide dinners for pupils whose accounts exceed a debt of £10.
Havering catering Service now provide a breakfast club for Mead pupils. For £1.50 your child can have a bacon or sausage sandwich or beans on toast with cereal or toast or fresh fruit or yoghurt plus a drink.
We will also have speciality days when other items such as pancakes and muffins will be available.
In order for you to book a place you will need to deposit the money in advance in your Squid account.
Please do not send your child to school to attend breakfast club if there are no funds in your account as they will not be admitted.

A message fromHavering Catering Service
We would like to reassure parents whose child may have a Dairy Allergy or Intolerance that the School Kitchen only use Dairy Free Sunflower Spread at Breakfast Club and Lunch time.

Key Diary Dates for this term
Monday 3rd February -Last swimming session this half term
Monday 17th -Friday 21st February -Half term-School closed
Monday 24th February -Back to school-Swimming starts
Monday 23rd March -Last swimming session this half term
Monday 30th/Tuesday31st March -Parent afternoon/evenings
Friday 3rd April -Inset Day-school closed
Monday 6th-Friday 17th April -Easter holidays-School closed
Monday 20th April -Back to school

Attendance Update
Well done to Mexico &vU.S.A class who had the highest attendance in Y5&6 at 97% . Germany had the highest attendance in LKS2 and New Zealand in KS1 both with a very impressive 99.3%. Well done to them! The overall attendance was 96.1% which is very slightly above out target-Well done everyone -Hopefully we’ll be able to keep this up!!

Have a good weekend

Yours Sincerely

Mrs L. Smith

Year 3 Spellings - Spring Week 2

Please find below spellings for this week. Please encourage your child to practise their spellings every day & put their words into sentences on the back of their sheets. The children will be tested on these words next Friday 24th January.

Group 1 



Group 2

Blue words: Focus of the week – words ending in ‘ture’
Orange words: National curriculum word list.
Green words: Vocabulary of the Week – Volcanoes (topic)
Gold word: Challenge word!

Year 1 Star Writers

Year 1 Star Writers

This week's Year 1 Star Writers are:

Ezekiel from Palau
For his story

Tyler from Australia
For his story.

Kayice - Jo  from New Zealand
For her story

Well done Year 1!

Flying high with reading

Thank you to all those parents who were able to attend our stay and read morning yesterday, the children had such an enjoyable morning delving into a book with their adult. Reading is such an important life skill, it allows children to understand and enjoy stories, develop their curiosity and most importantly develop their pleasure for reading throughout their school life. It is great to see parents sharing in this love of reading and continuing to promote "reading for pleasure".

Each reception class has their own class library up and running now, if your child would like to take a book home and read to widen their reading literature they can do so.

We look forward to seeing you at our next reading morning on Tuesday 11th February.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Football success in Barbados

Well done to Noah in Barbados class who received a medal for his hard work and determination in football. Noah proudly showed off his award and explained "my coach gave this to me".  
Congratulations Noah on your achievements in football and we look forward to hearing more of your football success soon.

Tuesday, 14 January 2020


The school kitchen have put on a special menu for Thursday 16th January as this is School Census Day

It is helpful if ALL pupils opt for a school dinner on this day as our funding for next year is determined by the uptake of school dinners. If you are concerned your child may not eat the school lunch we are happy for you to send in a packed lunch and we will ensure they have something to eat.


Red -    Chicken Korma 
 Blue -      Fish Fingers

Green - Cheese and tomato pizza

Curly fries or rice

Sweetcorn and peas or baked beans
 Ring doughnut

Please be advised that the Ring Doughnuts for contains GLUTEN and SOYA.
Pupils with identified allergies/intolerances to these will be offered fruit/cheese (if allowed) and biscuits or yoghurt (if allowed) UNLESS parents advise they can have a doughnut

Year Six Life Skills

Each term all of the children, in every year group, take part in a life skill challenge.

This term in year six they are learning how to use a washing machine.

To begin with they have had a detailed lesson on what the symbols in their clothes actually mean, what each part of the washing machine is used for and what colours not to mix!

After this the children had to complete a practical task of correctly placing in the washing powder, fabric softener and certain items of clothing. They then had to select the correct cycle and spin option before hanging the washing out to dry. Some children in Chile class were surprised how long some washes take and opted for the Fast wash to save time!

Tanisha in Chile class went home yesterday to ask her mum if she could help with the washing  as long as it was not her brothers smelly socks!

Keep an eye out for future up dates and if any of the year six do now help at home with the washing then please send a picture into year six!

Monday, 13 January 2020

A Story-Teller Visits Reception

Reception had a wonderful start to their week as they were visited by a wonderful story-teller! 
Oral story-telling is a unique opportunity to challenge the children's ability to follow the story, testing their listening and concentration skills. Charlie used voice, actions, instruments and songs to support the children to do this successfully.

The children took part wonderfully and joined in with rhythmic games, chants and songs, which they enjoyed very much! Some even went up onto the stage themselves to act out small roles from the story, helping to develop their self-confidence and demonstrate their understanding to others. 

The exciting story included a variety of woodland animals which intrigued the children and required them to actively use their imaginations. As the hungry mongoose hunted for frogs to eat, Avyukt exclaimed that we would have to "squash and squeeze" to get the frogs into the small burrow in the riverbank.

The story ended with friends sharing food with one another. The hungry mongoose was offered eggs from a weasel at which point Maisy explained "You crack it in a pan, cook it and then eat it on toast".

The experience left a lasting impression, with Moksha saying later "I liked when he said I was a bad frog. It was too silly!" and Angelo remembering "I liked the shakers".

Thank you to Charlie for his wonderful storytelling and visiting us today.

Exciting times in Year 2!

In year 2 we have launched our woodwork area and the children have started creating some wonderful wooden models using the tools that have been provided. If you have pieces of untreated pine wood please send them into school for the children to transform them into something wonderful!

Within our garden area we have managed to grow some potatoes.  This area will be an ongoing project so we will keep you informed of our next success.

We have an artist visiting in February but we need newspapers so the children can make a sculpture of a ship.  Please could you send in unwanted newspapers.
Thank you for your continued support.

We have included a copy of the curriculum letter so you can see what else we are doing this term. I think you will agree the children are going to have some exciting learning opportunities.

Dear Parents and Carers,
Year 2 - Curriculum Newsletter Spring
Happy New Year and welcome back to the New Term! 
Our expectation at Mead is that every child should do the following every night: 
  • 15 minutes reading to themselves or an adult (please sign your child’s reading record when they read at home so they can be rewarded at school). It is also important they bring in their book bag every day. Reading is an essential life skill that improves with practice.  Regular reading at home will help your child’s reading fluency as well as their spelling and writing.
  • 15 minutes practicing spellings
  • 15 minutes rehearsing counting/arithmetic or times tables facts 
Your child will also have the opportunity to bring a library book home to share with you. We also have the Year 2 Bingo homework to attempt each half term. Children do not have to attempt every activity, but instead select the activities that interests them. We hope that children will take their time with the homework and be proud of the work they produce. Then they should hand completed work into their teacher at the end of the half term. This will then be rewarded in our ‘E’ for Excellence assembly.

Spellings will continue to be given out on Fridays. The children should practice their words every evening. The test will take place on Thursdays. 
Year 2 will visit the library and Raphael’s park this term as well as perform at the Music Festival with other local schools. They will also be part of the Living Eggs experience and watch chicks hatch in an incubator. We are also going to be visited by an artist and create a large sculpture of a ship using paper. (Please start collecting newspaper and bring them into school we need lots!!!) 
Curriculum Information
We have included a summary of the topics, which the children will be covering this term. If you would like to make any suggestions for what you or your child would like to learn in relation to the topics taught, please complete the form attached and return it to your child’s class teacher. We welcome any suggestions you may have.
Thank you for your continued support.
Yours Sincerely,

Mrs Rolph           Miss Gibson Miss Smith   

Year Group leader
Madagascar                    Egypt teacher Kenya teacher 



1st Half Term
2nd Half Term
Year 2: Fantastic Explorers
Year 2: Fantastic Explorers
Year 2
RWI/Literacy and Language
Year 2
RWI / Literacy and Language. 
Please fill in the reading journal after hearing your child read.
Your child will also bring a library book home to share. Please encourage your child to look after these books and they can be changed regularly in class. There is a charge for lost or damaged books.
For a good selection of children’s books visit your local library. We are visiting the library in classes.
Useful web links-
Year 2
Number- Multiplication and Division
Addition and Subtraction
Year 2
Position and direction 
Please practice times tables with your children. 
Useful websites: (cdn have log ins)    
Year 2
We are Zoologists(photography)
E safety
Year 2
Espresso Coding Log in UN-student12206  Password- mead60
Animals including humans
Living things & their habitats
Living Eggs project-Life cycles
We are visiting a park to carry out a habitat workshop.
History/ Geography
Year 2
Christopher Columbus
Using maps
Year 2
Using maps
Compass points
Year 2
PE with coaches
Year 2
PE with coaches
Please ensure your child has their P.E kit for Monday.
Remember to name clothing.
Music lessons Monday afternoons with a music teacher.
Music Festival Performance
Music lessons Monday afternoons with a music teacher.
Art/ Design and Technology
Year 2
Making a moving windmill(DT)
Visit from artist for sculpture workshop
Year 2
Year 2
New Year resolutions/changes
Chinese New Year
PSHE-Dreams and Goals
Achieving realistic goals Perseverance Learning strengths Learning with others Group co-operation Contributing to and sharing success 
Year 2
Easter and new life
Living Eggs project
PSHE-Changing Me
Life cycles – animal and human
Changes in me. Coping with change
Changes since being a baby
Differences between female and
male bodies (correct terminology)
Linking growing and learning