Sunday, 25 October 2020

Year 5 Certificate Winners

 Well done to our Year 5 certificate winners this week! 

E for Excellence: Brea in Canada, Alfie in Mexico & Jack in U.S.A

Star Writers:  Georgia in Canada, Milana in Mexico,& Zahi in U.S.A

Tracker: Andrianna in Canada for her Bronze Tracker and Riley in U.S.A for his Gold Tracker

Lunchtime Awards: Brooke and Jake in U.S.A

Reading Awards:  Ayan and Olivia in Canada for reading 10 books

Mathletics: Bronze awards for Rehan, Lenny, Emily, Zahi and Taylor in U.SA, Annan, Andrianna, Olivia and Reuben in Canada

We are so proud of you all & keep up the fantastic work :)

Friday, 23 October 2020

EYFS and KS1 Marvelous Mathletics


Last week’s EYFS Bronze Mathletics awards have gone to:

Victoria, Ayat and Manha in Antigua,

Zelda, Faith, Olivia Ho, Domas, Zofia and Sebastian in Barbados,

Nathan and Favour in Jamaica


Last week’s KS1 Bronze Mathletics certificates have been awarded to

Aisha, Samhita, Natalia, Damira, Grace, Rubi, Leo and Shay in Australia,

Amber, Domas, Ria, Dovovan, Dora and Zuzanna in New Zealand,

Amaan, Arsalaan, Moksha, Nuhaa, Noah, Mia-Monroe and Taha in Palau,

Janisha, Evelin, Majus, Daniel K, Alexander, Dempcee-Leigh and Daniel R in Madagascar,

Nicolae, Izampela, Isabel, Tommy and Maryam in Egypt.

Antony, Marvellous, Vlad, Cristian, Nevaeh and Vilte in Kenya.


Silver Certificates has been awarded to Darius and Ignacy in New Zealand and Merkhima in Madagascar.

Well done everyone




Year 1 Awards

Year One have had another successful week!

Well done to Grace, Aum and Avyukt in Australia, Arsalaan, Layla, Moksha, Maryam, Nuhaa, Emma, Noah, Mia, Maisy, Charley, Emilia and Mekhi in Palau and Donovan in New Zealand who will receive their bookmarks for reading 10 books.

Dora and Zuzanna in New Zealand and Mekhi, Maisy, Mia, Noah, Nuhaa and Moksha in Palau have read 25 books, receiving a bronze reading award.

We also have one silver reading award this week, which was awarded to Ignacy in New Zealand for reading 50 books.

Well done to Moksha, Lucille, Noah, Mia, Stanley and Layla in Palau, Isla, Natalia, Damira, Aisha and Grace in Australia, and Jacob, Donovan, Ria and William in New Zealand, who all achieved WOW Awards this week.

Aubree in Palau, Esther in Australia and Darius in New Zealand received Handwriting Awards.

The Star Writer certificates were awarded to Daniel in New Zealand, Samir in Australia and  Andrew in Palau.

And finally the E for Excellence certificates were awarded to Ria in New Zealand, Hollie-Rai in Australia and Mekhi in Palau.

Well done everybody, we are very proud of you all!

Year 2 Awards

This week we have had numerous certificates awarded for all the hard work the children have demonstrated.  We have had a successful and productive first half term back at school.  

Well done to all the children.

These children have been awarded book marks and certificates for reading at home.

Well done to all the children that received WOW certificates for completing their Bingo homework and moving up a book band. Great reading progress has been seen this half term.

Well done to the Star Writers.

Well done to the E for Excellence winners.

Well done to the children who have completed trackers.

Great work children that have demonstrated neat handwriting and presentation.

Well done to the children who have demonstrated some amazing learning behaviours.

We look forward to the next half-term and its successes.






Year 3 Certificate Winners

Well done to our Year 3 certificate winners this week! 

E for Excellence: David in Northern Ireland, Oghomwen in Wales & Bogdan in Scotland.
Star Writers: Millie in Scotland, Cattleya in Northern Ireland & Chloe in Wales.

Tracker: Elena, Natas and Joshua in Northern Ireland. Oghomwen and Arjya in Wales.
Certificate of Presentation: Daniel in Scotland.

Reading Awards: Eva, Katherine, Max, Sophia, Olivia, Eleni, Fareeda, Bogdan, David, George, James, Rio, Sienna and Esmai in Scotland. Destini, Natas and Seiar in Northern Ireland. David, Jacob and Jared in Wales.
WOW Award: Eva, Katherine, Max, Sophia, Olivia, Eleni, Fareeda, Bogdan, David, George, James, Rio, Sienna and Esmai in Scotland. Destini, Natas and Seiar in Northern Ireland. David, Jacob and Jared in Wales.

Lunchtime Award: Bentley and Olivia in Scotland. Elena and Alfie in Northern Ireland. Isabella and Zach in Wales. 
Mathletics:  Maximilian, Nisa, Millie, Sophia, Dev, Sienna and Zachary in Scotland, Natas, Michael N and Haydar in Northern Ireland. Jacob, Daniel and Jokubas in Wales.

We are so proud of you all & keep up the fantastic work :)

Another big well done to Wales class who achieved 95.2% attendance this week.

Greece Class Star Writer and E for Excellence winners.


A massive congratulations to Jovan and Jason for being Greece Class Star Writer and E for Excellence winner. They have worked fantastically all week and are both very deserving of their award. 

Germany Certificate Winners

Congratulations to all Germany's winners. Dianna and Charlotte win WOW awards for their creative chapter stories. Kajus, Chase, Ronnie, Sofia and Jasmine win a WOW award for completing homework. 

Lexie and Ronnie have shown reflectiveness in their work this week, always ready to take on a new day. Rianne's beautiful presentation earned her a presentation award. 

Tommy C produced a meaningful and well crafted poem, and is our Star Writer this week. 

Riddhi found out great facts for British Black History Month, and receives a Fact Hunter Award. 

We have three great mathematicians this week: Kajus, Lexie and Dovydas. 

Finally, Evie has proven that she cares about her work and tries hard every day, winning our E for Excellence Award. Congratulations everyone!