Sunday, 17 February 2019

Keeping safe in Year 2!

Last week year 2 thought about how to keep safe on the internet and on the roads.
They attended a road safety puppet show and created their own road safety leaflets to teach Dogworthy how to be safe.

Then to mark the National Internet Safety day they watched videos and thought about 'SuperSid's'
top tips when using the Internet.

The children made posters to teach others how to use the Internet safety and sensibly.

Year 2 Newspaper Sculpture

Year 2 constructed a ship out of paper as part of a sculpture work shop led by Darcy, an artist and inventor. The children were mesmerised as Darcy demonstrated how to use some of his own innovative inventions. One of which was used by us to roll paper into strong thin strips that then can be used to create structures. Darcy turns every day materials into works of art.

Who would have thought that a material like newspaper could construct strong structures and objects like stools. To the children's amazement Darcy stood on one such structure.

The children also worked together demonstrating reciprocity as they rolled newspaper and then compressed it in one of the specially invented machines.  The sticks they made were then fixed with cable ties. They attached these together and gradually created a ship to conclude out topic work on Columbus.  We have not yet named it by we will have to name it after one of the original fleet.

The ship will spend its life in our outside learning environment as one thing it is not is seaworthy!

Request for 2 litre bottles

Year One need lots of 2 litre plastic drinks bottle for a science experiment we are carrying out after half term.  If you have any could you please send them in with your child and they will be passed on to us.
Thank you.
The Year One Team

Friday, 15 February 2019

Reception Star Writers

The children in Reception have been trying really hard to use their correct pencil grip, hear and write the initial sounds in words and form their letters correctly during their independent learning time.

Well done to this week's star writers:
Barbados - Kydeigh
Jamaica - Todor
St Lucia - Maathumai

E for Excellence Winners

These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week.
Barbados -Nevaeh
Wales -Taylor
Jamaica -David
Scotland -Aaliyah
St Lucia -Teddy
Germany -Harrison
New Zealand -Chloe
Greece -Harman
Australia -Gabriel
Italy -David
Palau -Siddi
U.S.A -Vyte
Madagascar -Billy
Canada -Carrie
Egypt -Michael
Mexico -Amanda
Kenya -Harry
Chile -Izzy
N. Ireland -Sulejman
Brazil -Frankie
Argentina -Chase

WOW Award

I have made my teacher happy
Jett and Layla in Jamaica -For moving up to red books,
Yasmin in Jamaica -For overcoming her fear of dogs
Iziah in St Lucia -For his hard work in Read Write Inc.
Mickey-Ray in St Lucia -For his independent writing.
Jasmine in Italy class -For her lovely Rainforest 3D model and her informative Rainforest poster.
Bailey, Riley M and Brea in Scotland -For moving up a reading level
Michael, Deimantas and Muhammad-Ali in Kenya -For completing their Bingo Homework.
Adam in Kenya -For moving up a book band.
Sophia and Siddi in Palau -For completing their homework bingo.
Samuel in New Zealand -For completing his homework bingo.
Dami, Francesca and Daniel B in Madagascar -For homework.
Layla-Mai, Alfie, Lilly, Ava, Daniel G, Sarah, Mariama, Leona and Ruby in Madagascar -For moving up a book band.
Samuel, Lenny, Summer, Iulian, Charleigh-May and Arya in New Zealand -For moving up a reading level.
Aamir, Leo and Devor in Australia -For completing their homework bingo.
Aamir in Australia. -For excellent jobs
Katherine, Dennis, Zachary, Eva, Michael, Sienna, Dev, Lottie, James, Nisa, Siddi, Rio, Sumad, Lara and David in Palau -For moving up a Read, Write, Inc group.
Eleni in Palau -For moving up a book band.
Bella in N. Ireland -For her book review and facts about Mount Vesuvius
Sofia, Riddhi, Nicole, Chase, Kajus, Elise and Tommy C in Egypt -For Bingo homework.
Michael, Jake, Jayden, Dianna, Ronnie, Remi, Sofia, Hurairah, Tommy R, Charlie, Lukas and Daisy in Egypt -For moving up a book band.
Alexandru and Sophiat in Germany -For super rainforest models
Tim in Germany-For his layers of the rainforest poster;
Aliyah in Germany -For her interesting rainforest booklet.
Matthew and Eduard in Barbados -For moving up a book band
Alexandra in Mexico -For learning different languages
Milana in N.Ireland -For completing the maths challenge
Ellie and Yvie in Italy -For their amazing Rainforest projects

Reading Awards

The following pupil have read 10 books and receive a bookmark for their efforts, Olivia, Frazer and Scarlett in Barbados, Maria in Jamaica, Frankie in Kenya, Jaion in New Zealand, Amara in USA and Demi-Jane in Canada.

Cristian in Barbados Class, Jasmine in Italy class, Jack in Wales, Sophie in Kenya, Aiden in USA, Sky in Australia, Hurairah in Egypt and Rebecca in Canada have achieved bronze reading awards for reading 25 books.
Silver Reader awards go to Sam in Jamaica, Tristan and Samuel in New Zealand, Elise in Egypt, Eva in Palau and Zahi in Wales who have read 50 books. They each receive a silver certificate and a £5 book token for their efforts.
A massive well done to Kydeigh in Barbados Class who has read 150 books and receives a Platinum certificate in recognition of her effort
Sasha in Italy class has completed our book scheme and becomes a Free Reader-Well done to her.