Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Local Authority Letter to School Parents - Covid-19 Update September 2020

September 2020

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Dear Parents & Carers,

I hope you and your family are safe and well at this difficult time. Many of you continue to face significant challenges, and I thank you for your continued support to the national response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Our head teachers and school staff have worked very hard to ensure that children could return to school this month, and it remains vital for all children to be in school to help minimise the longer-term impact of the pandemic on their education, wellbeing and wider development.

However, you will have seen the worrying news that cases of Covid-19 have been increasing locally, so it has never been more important that you do your bit in reducing the risk of transmitting the virus. 

Please adhere to any new processes that your school has put in place, as these have been introduced to ensure the safety of your child, the staff, and the wider community. 

Parents are also reminded to set an example to their children by following social distance rules and wearing a face covering at the school gates, unless you have good reason not to.

Since the return to school, we have seen a very small number of schools affected by positive cases of Covid-19. This has meant in some instances, a class or a year group bubble being sent home and asked to self-isolate for 14 days. Before re-opening, we worked with schools to ensure they had measures in place so they could manage any cases in the best possible way, to reduce disruption for the whole school. These measures are now coming into action.

If someone at your child’s school tests positive for Covid-19, the local authority, Department for Education, and Public Health England will work with your child’s school to risk assess who else should be advised to self-isolate. Children and adults should only get tested if they have symptoms. School lessons for the rest of the pupils will continue as normal.

We know that as a parent you will want peace of mind if your child’s class or bubble has been sent home, but please only book a test if your child has symptoms. At the moment, we have been told there is a shortage of laboratory capacity, which means Covid-19 tests need to be prioritised for people with symptoms. If you book a test without symptoms, you will be taking a slot from someone who is more likely to have the virus.

If your child does have symptoms, has a test and it shows as positive, they and their household will be required to self-isolate and you will be contacted by the NHS test and trace system team to find out who else they have been in recent close contact with. If a pupil (including your child) or staff member has been in close contact with a person who has Covid-19, they will need to self-isolate for 14 days to help prevent the virus spreading further – the rest of the household does not need to isolate unless someone develops symptoms. If your child is sent home, they will continue with their studies remotely - if they are able to do so.

If your child or anyone in your household has symptoms of Covid-19 (a temperature, a new continuous cough or loss of/change to taste or smell), do not send your child to school. Contact the school and order a test for whoever has symptoms as soon as possible. To order a test, please call NHS 119 or book online at

If a child or member of staff develops symptoms at school, they will be sent home with advice about what to do. Anyone who has symptoms or has tested positive will need to self-isolate for at least 10 days, and the rest of the household for 14 days, in line with the latest stay at home guidance.

If the test results are negative, your household can usually leave self-isolation and your child can return to school when they no longer are unwell, assuming they haven’t been traced as a close contact of someone who has tested positive, in which case they will still need to wait out the remainder of the 14 day isolation period. A negative test is not required to return back to school at the end of the 14 day isolation period.

Only request a test if you or your child develops symptoms. You can view an online information session and frequently asked questions document via:

We all need to follow the government's advice to reduce the risk of further increases in Covid-19 infections locally as a local outbreak may result in full or partial school closures at short notice. I assure you that our schools will offer a safe environment, and the health and safety of children, their families and staff remains everyone’s first priority during this period.

Thank you for your continued co-operation at this time.

Kind regards,

Cllr Robert Benham                                     Mark Ansell
Deputy Leader of the Council                      Director of Public Health
Cabinet Member for Education,
Children & Families

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Online Learning at Home

In the unlikely event of a year group bubble having to close due to a positive case of coronavirus, teaching and learning will move online via Class Dojo (KS1) and Google Classroom (KS2). However we are aware that some of our families do not have internet access at home or a suitable device for children to work on. Please let us know how your child will access school work from home by clicking here

Monday, 21 September 2020

Message from Premier Schoolwear

 Hello All

As a last resort we are having to shut the Trade Counter and telephone orders till Weds this week

We are so sorry for this but are so short staffed that we have no choice, we simply cannot catch up with the late onslaught of internet orders

I’ll update you all again Weds

 Kind Regards

Y3 Awards

 A big well done to our first Y3 award winners of this academic year.

Star Writers: Sophia in Scotland class, Paige in Northern Ireland class & Victoria in Wales class.

E for Excellence: Alexis in Scotland class, Destini in Northern Ireland class & Arthur in Wales class.

Presentation: Eleni in Scotland class & Bella-Leigh in Wales class.

WOW: Tilly & Evie in Wales class.

Well done, we are very proud of & keep up the fantastic work! :) 

Meet the Year 5 Team!

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the Yr 5 pupils on how well they have settled into this new school year. We would also like to introduce the Yr 5 staff members across the three classes, so we can help any pupils or parents throughout the year. 

In USA class, the pupils will be working with Mrs Todd, Miss Maynard, Mrs Horsham and Mrs Dean.

In Canada class, the pupils will be working with Miss Doherty (Year Group Leader), Mrs Knight, Mrs Rolfe and Miss Wallace.

In Mexico class, the pupils will be working with Miss Reid, Mrs Ahmed and Miss Smith.

Miss Galpin will be working with all three classes throughout the week.
If you have any problems, queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us on

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Meet the Nursery Team

 We are so looking forward to welcoming our Nursery children into school.

Tomorrow we will be starting with the full time Nursery children with our part timers starting the week after.

We would like you to meet our Nursery team who will support your child's transition into school and help to ensure your child is looked after in a happy, safe and stimulating environment.

All our adults work for the best of all the children within the Nursery but then have particular children to support in their key worker groups.

Miss Byrne and Mrs Voller  support our 30 hour children. 

Mrs McCarthyy, Miss Shah and Miss Glover are our Nursery teachers overseeing the running of the Nursery with  key worker groups from the part time children.

Miss Allen and Miss Bayers support the well being and education of our part time children

Miss Gonsalves works with our two year old children and Miss Jacob helps our children who find settling into Nursery more difficult.

Mrs Pidgeon is the Early Years Lead Teacher overseeing the running of the Nursery.

Now you have met the staff we really look forward to meeting you.

Reception Newsletter Autumn 1 20.09.20


                                                                                                                 Autumn 1 20.09.20

Dear Parents/Carers


Welcome to our first newsletter of the new school year. Each week we will provide you with a newsletter which will be posted on class dojo. The purpose of this newsletter is to keep you up to date with any relevant news in Reception. It will include a list of intended learning objectives, an overview of activities, notices, important dates and the stories and topics that we will be focussing on.


What a fantastic start we have had to school life with the children settling into Mead really well. Thank you to all parents and carers for your support during this induction period. Our focus at the start of the year is ensuring all children are settled and happy in the setting. We have been teaching routines, rules and expectations as well as exploring all of the resources available.


The children will now be attending school full time with the new school day beginning 8.40-8.50am start and a 2.50pm collection time (Mon-Thur) and 12.30pm collection time on a Friday. If you have a child in KS2 please note you can collect your Reception child from 2.40pm. To gain access to the school you will be required in the mornings to walk through Gate 3. If your child has an older sibling with the same start time please drop them off first (from 8.30am) and then walk round to Gate 3. To prevent overcrowding at the school gates we are kindly asking for one parent to bring and collect their child from school.


A little reminder if your child is going to be absent please call the school office (01708 343616) on their first day of absence, otherwise a phone call home will be made.


Class dojo is a platform we will be using to share information with you and it will also act as a means of communication between home and school. If you are yet to accept your invite please do this at your earliest convenience to ensure you do not miss out on any information shared.


Last week on class dojo we asked parents to upload x3 pictures of their child’s favourite toy, place to visit, food etc things onto their child’s profile by Wednesday. We will then share them during a circle time and they will help us get to know each other a little better. If anyone is still yet to return their 'All about me' sheet and family tree could you please ensure these are returned to your child's teacher this week.


This week we will begin reading with your child and we start with picture books to help develop their storytelling skills and language. Due to current restrictions we are unable to send home reading books with your child. Later this week your child will bring home login details for ‘Bug club’. This is a new system we are using to allocate an electronic book to your child’s account which they can then read at home with you. Further information on this will follow shortly. As we are promoting a love of reading, we actively encourage your child to read a range of books and is not limited to the one we send home with them.


On Thursday we published our lunch menu and in school Friday we talked about the choices available to them, we would also be grateful if you could discuss these with your child as well. Your child is also free to bring in a packed lunch from home if you know they will not eat any of the choices on offer and preferably this is to be in a disposable bag.


Monday’s choices are:

Red – Sausage baguette

Blue – Tuna & sweetcorn mayonnaise baguette

Green – Cheese baguette


School Uniform - 

Please be reminded that children are expected to continue to wear the appropriate uniform of:

  • Black or grey trousers
  • White polo shirt with a bottle green jumper or cardigan
  • Black shoes or plain black trainers (no boots)
  • Black or grey skirt/dress 

Children will not be permitted to wear Hoodies.

Only plain school coloured head bands can be worn- no oversized bows.

Only studs can we worn in school, please make sure these are removed for PE.

Please ensure children do not have makeup on or acrylic/painted nails.

Messages – 

  • PLEASE NAME all items of clothing. This will help when returning lost items, particularly jumpers and cardigans with the right child.
  • Antigua and Jamaica will have their PE lessons on a Tuesday and Barbados and St Lucia class will have PE on a Thursday. Please ensure your child has a named PE kit in school. If they wear earrings they need to be removed on this day.
  •  Thank you to all those parents who have sent in a named set of spare clothes. If you haven’t yet could you please ensure your child has a named set of spare clothes and underwear on their peg as soon as possible (please note this does not have to be school uniform).
  •  Children can also bring in a pair of named wellies to leave in school. This would be great for use in the water area or on rainy days. 
  •   If your child suffers with asthma please ensure their pump is in school and you have completed the relevant paperwork at the main office
  • If your child is unwell, please remember to call the school office on 01708 343616 and notify them of your child's absence.


Family news


This is a section of our newsletter where we celebrate any news from our Reception parents. We would like to welcome the old nursery parents and our new parents to Mead reception.


Important dates:


  INSET Dates and Polling day for 2020-2021







3rd September

4th September

22nd February

28th May

23rd July


Last day of the summer term will be Thursday 22nd July 2020.


You can access Havering term dates for 2020-2021 here:


Our learning objectives this term will be listed under these headings:


Personal, Social and Emotional


Can select and use activities and resources with help

Shows confidence in asking adults for help 


Communication and Language

To follow directions

To use talk to connect ideas 



To sometimes give meanings to the marks they draw and paint

Listens to and joins in with stories 


Physical Development:

Runs skilfully and negotiates space

Mounts stairs, steps or climbing equipment 



Beginning to recite numbers in order to 10

Knows that numbers identify how many objects are in a set 


If you would like to contact a member of the EYFS team via email the address is:


We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Reception Team