Saturday, 2 July 2022

Reception are shark experts

 Reception loved learning about sharks this week and were very aware of the environmental issues such as recycling to help stop some of our creatures becoming extinct. They were amazed when we heard how big the great white shark is and to show the children just how big we drew a 6 metre giant shark on the playground

Friday, 1 July 2022

Year 2’s Campfire Experience!

Today Year 2 enjoyed a campfire in our forest. We toasted marshmallows, made s’mores and learnt about how to make a safe campfire with an adult. The children got to experience the fun of sitting around a campfire and some of us even had a little sing. Great fun was had by all.

Year 5&6 Celebration Assembly


Year 3&4 Celebration Assembly


Celebration Awards


Achievement Certificates

Well done to this week’s Achievement Certificate winners who are Summer, Arya and Chloe (Germany), Ella and Skyla (Fiji), WIlliam, Biddy, Freddie and Izabela (Egypt)Leya,Lyra(Madagascar), Yanis, Amin, Anastasia (USA), Alexander (Scotland, Daniel R (Scotland), Maria (Scotland) and Alexander (Scotland).

Malta’s Star of the Week

Many congratulations to Jessica who has been awarded Malta’s Star of the Week for completing her activities well this week.

Star Writer Certificates

These children have excelled with their writing this week. Well done to Izyan (Kenya), Vlad (Northern Ireland), Tilly (Germany), Gabriel (India), Ethan and Bobby (Barbados), Zachary (Italy), Manha (Fiji), Yousif (Antigua), Harry (St Lucia), Domas (Egypt) Zelda (Palau), Stephanie and Mahir (Australia), Alfie (Greece), Reuben (Singapore) Amin (USA), Ralph (Madagascar), Connie (Mexico) Isla (New Zealand), David (Scotland) Nicole (Brazil), Sulejman (China), Izampela (Wales) and Rehan (Malaysia).

Star Reader Certificates

These children have worked really hard on their reading this week. Well done to Lucille (Kenya), Matvejs, Maice, Teddy & Melisa (Malaysia), Antony (Northern Ireland), Millie-Rae (India), Albert (Barbados), Sienna (Italy), Victoria (Fiji), Evelyn (Antigua), Kimberley (St Lucia), Ruby (Palau), Shree (Australia), Zahi (Singapore), Junior (Greece), Leona (USA), Mariia (Mexico),Gracie(Madagascar) Rayan (New Zealand), James (Germany), Layla (Scotland) Charlie (Brazil), Sade (China) and Renesmee (Wales).

Star Mathematician Certificates

These children have enjoyed a fantastic week with their maths. Well done to Alexa (Kenya), Harrison (Northern Ireland), Afnan (India), Naomi (Barbados), Bogdan (Italy) Zachary (Fiji), Emily (Antigua), Robert (Egypt), Olivia (St Lucia), Jeremiah (Palau), Nathan N (Australia), Seiar (Greece), Rayan (Singapore), Daniel (USA), Layla-Mai (Mexico), Samir (Madagascar), Joe & Jessica (Malaysia) Callum and Freddie (New Zealand), Rose (Germany), Dempcee (Scotland) Dovydas (Brazil),, Marcel (China) and Alesha (Wales).

Mathletics Award

Bronze certificate

Ahmed (Antigua), Nathan, Adriana, David and Kavi (Australia), , Izabela, Janvi, Daniel and Amber (Egypt), Zakariya and Victoria (Fiji), Nuhaa, Emma and Mia-Monroe (Kenya), Malakai, Logan, Grace, Hollie-Rae, Gracie, Avyukt, Aum-Dhruv, Leya and Shay (Madagascar), Justas, Oguzcan, Amelia H, Lenny M, Akhila and Rayan (New Zealand), Olivia, Domas, Zelda and Sebastian (Palau), Alessia and Stefan (St Lucia), Jokubas (Germany), Antony, Aayan, Kaden, Samuel and Vilte (Northern Ireland), David As, Max, Olivia, Sophia, Riley N, Riley W (Italy), Michael N and David (Greece), Alessia and Stefan (St Lucia), Layla, Merkhima, Daniel K, Alexander, Daniel R (Scotland) Chase and Remi (Brazil).

Silver certificate

Jessica (Australia), Albert (Barbados), Sidrah, Ella and Amy (Egypt), Manha (Fiji), Emilia and Ruby (Palau), Jokubas (Germany) David As, Michael N (Greece) and Merkhima (Scotland).

Gold certificate

Shayan (Egypt), Izyah (Kenya), Esmai, Millie, George (Italy) and Michael N (Greece).

Golden Certificate

Congratulations to these children who have been awarded a Golden Certificate as they have made exceptionally good choices linked to The Mead Creed. These certificates are not easy to get so very well done to this week’s winners!

Barbados (YR)


St Lucia (YR)

Antigua (YR)

New Zealand (Y1)


Palau (Y1)


Fiji (Y1)


Australia (Y1)


Madagascar (Y2)


Kenya (Y2)


Egypt (Y2)


Scotland (Y3)

Muhammed, Francesca, Evelin

Wales (Y3)

Gracie, Sadie

Northern Ireland (Y3)

Antony & Harrison

Italy (Y4)

Millie, George, Bentley, Esmai

Greece (Y4)

Chloe, Michelle and Sky

Germany (Y4)

Rio, Zachary

Brazil (Y5)

Rahat, Vanya, Mahir

Mexico (Y5)

Francesca, Ava P, Sophie, Carter, 

USA (Y5)


India (Y6)

Sonny, Trey

China (Y6)

Kiyah, Lennon

Malaysia (Y6)

Tia, Dinuki, Brooke T, Jessica, Macie, Brooke D

Singapore (Y6)

Izzy, Austeja


Well done to Germany, Greece and India who all met their attendance target and were able to roll the dice!

Congratulations to everyone who achieved an award this week, we are very proud of you!

Year 4 Mathletics Certificates!

 Year 4 Mathletics Certificates!

Well done to these year 4 children who have earned their bronze, silver and gold mathletics certificates! Keep up your excellent work at home!

Weekly Newsletter - 01/07/22- Important Information


Dear Parents and Carers,

This week Mead has been awarded the Gold School Games Mark which acknowledges the commitment to sports participation across the school. We are very proud of this achievement and would like to thank Mr Cash, Mr Robinson and Mr Stambridge for their continued support, encouragement and enthusiasm for developing our school teams and the opportunity for all of our children to participate in sports throughout the school day.

Year 6 Leavers Assembly

Parents and Carers of children in Year 6 are invited to a leavers assembly on Thursday 21st July at 1:45pm. The children are busy preparing for the assembly and would love you to join us for this special event. Further details about leavers events will be communicated by the Year 6 team.

Summer Holiday meal scheme 2022

With funding from the Household Support Fund, the Council will continue the School Holiday Meal Scheme to support eligible families over the summer school break. The scheme allows eligible families to receive £90 (£15 per week) per child, to purchase food over the 6 week holiday period to replace the meals a child would have received during a school day.

The summer application window has now opened for a short period closing on Wednesday 6th July at 5 pm. Families who have previously received payment via the scheme do not need to reapply and will automatically receive the funds into their nominated bank. Details about the scheme have been updated on the Council’s website.

Parent Hub

A huge thank you to those who were able to attend the meeting on Monday. As you know plans have been put in place to hold a pre-loved uniform sale. Details of this will follow. We will be creating a Parent Hub Tab on our school website where you can find all of the information from meetings and get involved.


There continues to be a number of parents parking on a dropped curb and blocking driveways which is impacting our school community and neighbours. The wellbeing of the children of Mead Primary continues to be our top priority and we ask that all parents and carers park considerately. Please see the link here for parking information and ways to report illegal parking.

Key Information and dates

School Ping

Squid login

Havering Catering Lunch Menu

Sports Day Dates- Next Week

Monday 4th July Year 6 Sports Day @ 1:45pm

Tuesday 5th July Year 5 Sports Day @ 1:45pm

Wednesday 6th July Year 4 Sports Day @ 1:45pm

Thursday 7th July Year 3 Sports Day @ 1:45pm

Thursday 7th July Malta Sports Day @ 1:45pm

Friday 8th July Year 1 Sports Day @ 9:15am

Friday 8th July Year 2 Sports Day @ 1:45pm

Wednesday 13th July Meet the Teacher afternoon

Friday 15th July End of Year Reports sent home

Monday 18th July Parents Open Afternoon (3.10pm-4pm)

Thursday 21st July Year 6 Leavers Assembly (1:45pm)

Thursday 21st July Day of School Year

Thursday 1st September INSET DAY (No children in school)

Friday 2nd September INSET DAY (No children in school)

Monday 5th September Return to school (8.30am) Dates for New Reception Intake will follow.

Term Dates and INSET Days for Next academic year

INSET Days (No children in school)

Thursday 1st September

Friday 2nd September

Monday 31st October

Monday 20th February

Monday 5th June

Yours sincerely,

Ms A Holmes

Head of School