Thursday, 23 May 2019

Don`t forget teddies you have a picnic to go to Tomorrow!!!!

We hope you are resting up today teddies because Tomorrow(Friday) is the day that all the teddy bears have their picnic.We cannot wait to see the children coming into Nursery with their bears ready to have fun and food.
We look forward to seeing you Tomorrow.
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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

St Lucia Class go wild!

What a fun-packed day out we had at Paradise Wildlife Park! Thank you for sending in the children so promptly in the morning, it meant that we could leave in good time and had lots of time to explore the park.

The weather stayed dry for us, and the children were so sensible and well-behaved. We met all sorts of animals, including a huge python and some adorable marmosets (which Charlotte F managed to name the next day, very impressively!) The penguins and meerkats were a big hit, although Jacob told us to watch out for the alpacas 'in case they spit!'

Just a few of the animals that we encountered.
After meeting the animals we stopped for lunch in the picnic area, before moving on to the dinosaur exhibit!
The children were fascinated by the animatronic dinosaurs, particularly the gigantic T-Rex and the Dilophosaurus (which roared and spat water at them, to their delight!) When we couldn't see the name labels Gracie was sure to inform everyone of what the dinosaur was called, pointing out the Pteranodon and the Oviraptor.  The children then had a go at excavating their own fossils, before getting ready for the trip home.
Finally we took the bus back to school - as you can see, they had a very busy day! I'm sure it will inspire some lovely writing and discussion about all that they saw. 
A few of our sleeping beauties on the way home!

A fun-filled day for Jamaica class!

A very excited Jamaica class boarded the coach bound for Paradise Wildlife Park yesterday morning. I’m happy to say that all children brought their listening ears and their kind manners as they greeted other visitors to the park.

We followed a trail around the park to see a whole host of animals. Majus was amazed by the enormous camels “It’s a camel – it’s huge!” while Luke enjoyed watching the penguins “3 penguins swimming!”

Walking around the park was hungry work so we stopped off for lunch in our own picnic area – yum! Once finished, the children spent some time spotting minibeasts! “I found a minibeast – I think it’s a spider” said Ty.

The next part of our day took us to the dinosaur enclosure, the children were thrilled to see the dinosaurs move and growl, and they showed off their amazing dinosaur knowledge. “That one’s the apatosaurus” explained Layla, “I see the stegosaurus!” said David. Janisha even spotted some dinosaur eggs – “there are dinosaur eggs, they’re hatching”.

But not everyone was fooled as Tommy pointed out “the skin looks real and they sound real, but they’re just robots”...spoiler alert!

Finally, the children had the chance for some fun in the play area before heading home - some more tired than others!

A great big well done to all the children who made our trip to Paradise Wildlife Park such an enjoyable one! And many thanks to all parents who have made their contributions via sQuid. 
A little reminder that there is still time to make your £10 contribution.​

Monday, 20 May 2019

Barbados class have fun on their trip!!

WOW, what a fantastic day for a trip to Paradise Wildlife Park. We had lots of excited children this morning as we set off on our short journey. We began our day by exploring some of the animals inhabiting the park, “Oh they are so cute (the penguins) said Amber , “I can’t wait to see the leopards” said Samuel.


We then took a pit stop tucking into our scrumptious sandwiches, fuelling before our next exploration. 

After lunch we had time to explore the play area, which proved a big hit with all of the children. The fire engine proved very popular with lots of children showing off their driving skills.

Our final stop of the day was the ‘World of Dinosaurs’. The children were in awe as we walked around coming face to face with a Triceratops, T-Rex and Stegosaurus to name a few. “There not scary” said Amaliah, “The dinosaurs are amazing, look there's an egg hatching” said Honey.

The children were all so well behaved and I think it’s safe to say they all had a great day! Marvellous even asked "are we going on another trip tomorrow?". Although it did get a bit too much for some……………

 Thank you to all those parents who have made their contributions via sQUid. Just a little reminder that there is still time to make your £10 contribution.

Year 6 Parents

Dear Parent/ Carer, 

Tomorrow we have 'The Admissions and Inclusions Team' from Havering, coming into school, to speak to our year six about keeping safe as part of our PHSE lessons.

The 'Ben Kinsella Trust' works on promoting safety for younger children. This will include workshops identifying strategies on how to stay safe when out with friends and identifying possible risks. 

If you have any queries or would not like your child to take part in the workshop then please speak to the class teacher.

Many thanks,

The year six team

Well done Year 2!

A huge well done to year 2 who have worked so hard over the last two weeks. We are all so proud of you all.
As a reward we will be having a party on Wednesday afternoon.

Year 2 Star Writers

Well done to this week's winners:

Alex in Kenya

Lileerae in Madagascar