Monday, 23 November 2020

Flu Immunisation reminder


All flu forms should have been returned by today- 23rd November.

If you have not brought your child's form in then please do so tomorrow.

Please return the forms even if you do not wish for your child to receive the vaccination.

Thank you.

Year 6 Maths!

This morning Year 6 were learning about measures. Miss Hinchliffe's class had a friendly competition of matching the correct measurements to their conversions, one team managed to match 44 measurements!

Friday, 20 November 2020

Year 2 Awards

Well done to Year Two and all this week's award winners. 

You have made us proud!

Our Reading Awards:

Well done to our Star Writers: Dempcee-Leigh and David.

These children have impressed their teachers:

These children have excelled: Well done Ella-Louise, Nicolae and Harrison.

Yr 5 Investigating Forces

This term, Year 5 are learning about Forces. This week, we were focusing on air resistance so we planned an investigation into the effectiveness of various parachutes. First, we used paper to see the effect air resistance had on increased surface area. We noticed that the flat paper took longer to reach the ground compared to the scrunched up paper.

Using this information, we decided to investigate whether the effectiveness of parachute depending upon their size. The children had to plan a fair investigation so in groups they decided which variable they would change (independent variable) and the variables they needed to keep the same (dependent variables). They decided that they would make three parachutes with varying sizes, ensuring everything else remained the same.

The pupils were excited to test out their parachutes and collect the results. The results showed that the larger the parachute, the slower it reached the ground. This proved their hypotheses to be correct: the increased surface area will collide with more air particles which will slow the parachutes down, making them more effective. 

Italy Class certificates

 A huge well done to:

  • Katie, Aamreen and Michael for their fantastic efforts on Bug Club, TT Rockstars and Mathletics. 
  • Frankie, Ava, Adam and Wadi for moving up a book band. 
  • Connie for receiving the star writer certificate and Aronas for receiving the E for Excellence certificate. 
  • Alex, Ava, Michael, Layla-Mai, Katie and Deimantas for receiving Mathletics certificates. 

Year 1 Awards

Year One have had another successful week!

Well done to Lorienne in Palau, and Amelia in Australia for reading 10 books.

Logan, Poppy and Malakai in Australia have read 25 books, receiving a bronze reading award.

We also have Mia and Nuhaa in Palau who received silver reading awards this week for reading 50 books.

Well done to Coby and Domas in New Zealand, who all achieved WOW Awards this week.

Amber in New Zealand, Lorienne in Palau, and Amelia in Australia received Handwriting Awards.

The Star Writer certificates were awarded to Dora in New Zealand, Leya in Australia and Arsalaan in Palau.

And finally the E for Excellence certificates were awarded to India-Rose in New Zealand, Grace in Australia and Porsha in Palau.

Well done everybody, we are very proud of you all!

Marvelous Mathletics in KS1 and EYFS

Last week’s EYFS Bronze Mathletics awards have gone to:

Rayan, Skyla, Amari, Sethika, Victoria and Manha in Antigua,

Camelia, Milena, Domas, Kamil. Zofia, Emilia, Ruby and Tyler in Barbados,

Favour, Jessica, Nancy, David Ts, Joanna and Tejan in Jamaica

Charlotte, Ella Bu, Justas, Amelia D, Violet, Oguzcan, Lenny L, Millie, Lenny M, Rayan and Eric in St Lucia


 Last week’s KS1 Bronze Mathletics certificates have been awarded to

Esther, Amelia Nicoleta, Aum, Shay Poppy, Natalia, Damira and Grace in Australia,

Amber, Darius, Ria, Izabela, Sandra, Ignacy and Zuzanna in New Zealand,

Moksha, Emilia and Taha in Palau,

Evelin, Layla, Daniel K and Majus in Madagascar,

Ugo, Nicolae, Izampela, Isabel and Maryam in Egypt.

Vlad, Aayan, Honey and Vilte in Kenya.


Silver Certificates has been awarded to Olivia Ho, Zelda and Sebastian in Barbados, Nathan K in Jamaica, Aisha, Samhita and Isla in Australia, Dora in New Zealand, Nuhaa in Palau, Paulina in Madagascar and Amen, Marvellous, Antony and Nevaeh in Kenya


Top classes last week were:

Reception: Barbados

Year 1: Australia

Year 2: Madagascar




Year 1