Thursday, 12 July 2018

Jamaica's Trip to Central Park

What a wonderful time the children in Jamaica class have had today.  First we went to Central Park and had lots of fun playing on all the amazing equipment and then when we returned to school we enjoyed our picnic all together on the field.

The children's behaviour was exemplary at all times from walking nicely to the park, always holding the hand of a friend to helping each other on the equipment, "I am helping to push the swing" said Sebastian, "then we will swap over and Ashton will push me."  What lovely turn taking!

Whilst having our picnic, the children chatted to each other about what was their favourite part of the afternoon:
Bella-Leigh - "I liked the swing the best cause it was going soooo high!"
Matteo -  "The game was my favourite, the one where you needed to tap the colours."
Ashton - "The twirly slide was my make me dizzy!"
Rose - "The swings were my favourite cause I could go as high as the clouds."