Thursday, 5 July 2018

Houses of Parliament

On Wednesday 4th July the KS2 representatives from the School Council went up to Westminster to visit the Houses of Parliament. 

The tour started with a 15 minute 360 degree high production film taking us through key events in the changing history of UK Parliament. We found out many facts about the building and the formation of Parliament. 'That was such a good film', announced Elizabeth. 

We then went to explore the Palace of Westminster, learning about the work of Parliament today. During our visit we were able to walk up the same steps as the Queen used to use, but now she uses a lift! We saw the room where she puts on her robes for the State Opening of Parliament and the throne made for Queen Victoria, it was quite small. Following that, we were shown into the House of Lords. 'I like all the gold in here' said Jason. It was very shiny! We discovered that the Lords come from all walks of life and backgrounds. Louis was impressed, stating that 'If you became good at your job, you could be a Lord!' Unfortunately the House of Commons were sitting for Prime Minister's Questions and we could not go in. Raul said that he would like to come back and watch a debate in the House of Lords one day, especially when he found out that it was free! We went through The Central Lobby to Westminster Hall, last remaining part of the original Palace almost 1000 years old. 

It was a lovely day and the children received many positive comments about their behaviour, knowledge and enthusiastic questioning. Mrs Jolly and Mrs Commer were very proud.