Friday, 6 March 2020

Reception Maths Challenge

Parents/Carers of children in reception

Each week we will publish a weekly 'maths challenge'. These challenges will consist of short practical activities for your child to complete at home and will help your child to see maths as fun. The challenges relate to the different areas of learning within our curriculum: Numbers and Shape, space and measures (SSM). You can repeat the activity as many times as your child wants to and please feel free to change and adapt the ideas to suit your child's interest, what you have in your house and their current level of development. If your child would like to represent their thinking on paper let them do so in their own way. For example, they might not want to write numbers, but they might want to draw to communicate their mathematical thinking.

Next week we will continue to be identifying one more/less than a given number.  Here are a few challenges which your child might choose to complete:
Using everyday objects such as pegs, cereal, buttons provide children with a number and they have to identify the number which is 1 more/less.

Roll a dice and ask children to record which is 1 more/less than the number.

Have objects of different colours of sizes and ask children to sort them. Which do you have more of? Which has the least?

Encourage children to record their answers to help them with their number formation.