Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Dear Parents

Good evening.

I am writing to you, both parents and staff, at a time when we are facing the biggest danger this country has faced in decades. An invisible, indiscriminate and undetectable killer.
As the Prime Minister said yesterday it is vital we slow the spread of the disease to reduce the number needing hospital treatment and so save lives.

We all have the responsibility to stop the disease spreading between households.

School staff are being asked to come to work to provide care for children of ‘key workers’. They are exposed with no personal protective equipment and no support or guidance from the Government.
Supermarket staff, transport workers, caters and NHS staff - all frontline workers were all thanked by the Prime Minister but those in the Education sector were inexcusably overlooked.
I urge you please to not overlook my staff. Please keep your children at home if at all possible, protect your children, protect my staff, the NHS and save lives.

Staff are looking for leadership, parents and pupils for reassurance and scientists for a cure.
I’m looking to you to support our staff by only sending your children into school if there is absolutely no other option.

The fewer children in school, the more children I can protect and the more staff I can allow to stay at home and protect themselves and their families.

Thank you

Stay home and stay safe

Mrs L Smith