Tuesday, 10 March 2020

St Lucia’s Waterstones visit

St Lucia’s trip to Waterstones
Outside Waterstones

Today the children went to buy a book from Waterstones using their World Book Day tokens.

First, the children had to walk sensibly to the bus stop listening carefully to the instructions given from their adults.

The children then boarded the bus and started their adventure. They were very keen to share what they were able to see from the bus.
“I can see a bus” said Ignacy, It’s a 294 replied Domas.

Once in Waterstones, the children sat nicely and patiently waited for their turn to go and choose a book to share with their grown ups at home.

After all the children had chosen their book they chose a story to listen to.  The class overwhelmingly voted for the Bad Banana.

The children noticed characters from storybooks that they have at home.  Lexi explained that she used to have one of the books and it was her favourite, she could now buy it again!

The children walked beautifully to the bus stop where we all enjoyed a biscuit.
On our journey home the children were very excited to look at their books and spent some time reading the blurbs.  We hope you enjoy sharing the books with your children at home.

Well done St Lucia, you really made us proud with your fabulous behaviour and super manners!