Friday, 20 March 2020

Reception Maths Challenges

Parents/Carers of children in reception

Each week we will publish a weekly 'maths challenge'. These challenges will consist of short practical activities for your child to complete at home and will help your child to see maths as fun. The challenges relate to the different areas of learning within our curriculum: Numbers and Shape, space and measures (SSM). You can repeat the activity as many times as your child wants to and please feel free to change and adapt the ideas to suit your child's interest, what you have in your house and their current level of development. If your child would like to represent their thinking on paper let them do so in their own way. For example, they might not want to write numbers, but they might want to draw to communicate their mathematical thinking. Please remember you can share via Evidence me any work your child does.


Using sticks, pebbles or everyday objects such as pegs and buttons can you make some 2D shapes?

What shape did you make? Can you tell a grown-up about your shape? Describe your shape, talk about it's properties.

Can you make another shape? A triangle, square, hexagon?

Draw the shapes you have made? Can you label them?

Here are some questions you could ask to help promote your child's thinking:

  • What shape can you make using the sticks?
  • Can you make a triangle?
  • How is my triangle similar to your triangle? How is it different?
  • Can you make a shape with four corners? How many sticks did you use? Does this shape have any corners? How many?
  • Are there any shapes you can’t make using the sticks? Why not?
  • What could we use to make a circle?
  • Can you tell me how to make a rectangle? What do I need? What can you tell me about the shapes we made?
  • How do you know this shape is a triangle? Could this shape be a circle? Why? Why not?