Friday, 6 March 2020

Wow awards

These children have made their teachers very happy and received a WOW Award for their hard work.

Pupil Lexie, Ianis, Taha and Noah in Barbados
For coming in and completing their morning routines independently
Layla and Noah in Barbados
For completing their maths learning challenge

Roberto, Joshua and Haydar in Kenya
For completing their bingo homework.

Isabel in Australia
for completing all of her homework bingo.

Zahi in Greece
For his wonderful work at home.

Avyukt for learning all reception sight words

Poppy, Amelia, Aisha, lily,Leya all in Jamaica
For moving up a book band

Kajus in Northern Ireland
for making a fantastic volcano model at home

Jacob in St Lucia for super maths
Daniel for moving up a book band
Dora for home learning and coming into school on her own

Merkhima, Janisha, Paulina, Tommy, Alice in New Zealand.
For completing work at home.

Maisie and Thai in Germany
1 Width Swimming

Chase, Charlotte and Charlie.
Moving up a book band.

For finding out fantastic facts about the Australian

bush fires.

Arjya in Madagascar
Bingo Homework

Connie in Scotland
For your creative home story

Filip, Ian and Katie in Scotland
For moving up a bookband

Afsheen in Argentina
for researching and making a creative poster
about the korean war

Jessie-leigh in Mexico
Charlotte in Mexico
Fact hunters - Excellent researching of our topic
at home.

Donald in Argentina
For research on ‘15 facts about the Wonderous