Monday, 9 March 2020

Barbados Class are off....

To help celebrate world book day each child is given a £1 voucher they can exchange for a book and Barbados class set off this morning on their trip to Waterstones in Romford. We headed off to the bus stop in search of a 294, “I’ve been on that bus before” Karl said. When on the bus some children were pointing out key features of their environment and commenting about familiar places they could see from the top deck “we are going on the motorway” said Biddy, “you can to Tesco’s this way” Roman said when we stopped at some traffic lights.

When we arrived into Romford Lexie and Layla were still using their observational skills by pointing out the leisure centre they had been to for swimming and ice skating. We then headed into the shopping centre to find Waterstones, where we were greeted by a member of staff who showed us the range of books we could choose from in exchange for our vouchers.

The children each took it in turns to choose their books, some were a little disappointed as their first choice of book ‘Supertato” and ‘Bing” had proven very popular and had flown of the shelves over the weekend!

We then had an opportunity to share with each other the books we had chosen and also listen to a story before heading back to school.

Whilst at the bus stop, we refuelled and had a biscuit, with some of us being eager and delving into our books whilst we waited. “I love books, it was fun” said Roman, “the best bit was going to the top of the bus” said Layla, Aubree and Charley.

The children all did a fantastic job and were very sensible whilst on the bus and around Romford, making their adults very proud.

We hope they have enjoyed sharing with you our trip and will enjoy sharing the books they have brought home to read with you.