Friday, 12 January 2018

WOW Award

I have made my teacher happy

Arjya Sahakundu in Jamaica for settling into Jamaica class so quickly.

From Barbados, Arwyn Pettifer for her Gingerbread man painting, David Alaezi for understanding the term ‘Waterproof’ and Isabella Rowley and Jake Vorley for their bridge building skills to help the Gingerbread man cross the river.

Tommy Goode from St. Lucia built a strong bridge for the Gingerbread man and Daniel O-Akimyomilo made good predictions in the science waterproofing experiment.

Kajus Mingaila from New Zealand has moved up a book band.

Alisa Bespalovaite, Aisha Osman, Ali Mohammad, Alexander Ritcher and Alex Rebrisorean from Australia always complete their maths challenges.

Bailey Richardson from Madagascar has completed some great maths.

In Egypt class Zahi Abdullah, Melisa Guganesh and Taylor Wadge have all moved up a book band as have Ivan Coleman - Kenya, Alfie Dedross, Famata Fati and Matty Fitzgibbon from Kenya.

Magdalena Wlodarcyzk from Scotland has made excellent improvements in her reading and Alan Golabek from Germany has read 75 books.

Chloe Gain, Chanelle Angus, Dalayla Rami, Tzoulia Tzaferi and Rosie Nash from Canada and Lewis Jackson from USA have all worked hard to complete extra poetry homework.

Finally Kira King from Chile has been persevering in maths.

Well done to you all.