Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Year Six Life Skills

Each term all of the children, in every year group, take part in a life skill challenge.

This term in year six they are learning how to use a washing machine.

To begin with they have had a detailed lesson on what the symbols in their clothes actually mean, what each part of the washing machine is used for and what colours not to mix!

After this the children had to complete a practical task of correctly placing in the washing powder, fabric softener and certain items of clothing. They then had to select the correct cycle and spin option before hanging the washing out to dry. Some children in Chile class were surprised how long some washes take and opted for the Fast wash to save time!

Tanisha in Chile class went home yesterday to ask her mum if she could help with the washing  as long as it was not her brothers smelly socks!

Keep an eye out for future up dates and if any of the year six do now help at home with the washing then please send a picture into year six!