Sunday, 5 January 2020

Nursery Newsletter -Spring 1 Week 1

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Happy New Year to all our families and we hope you have had a wonderful Christmas. Welcome to our first newsletter of 2020.

We would like to say a massive Thank you for all our Christmas cards, kind gifts and good wishes. We were really overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity.
Thank you so much.

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It will be lovely to welcome our children back to school to start their Spring term and we have a few new children starting so a huge welcome to those children and their families.
We look forward to sharing your child`s learning journey with you.
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This week we will be doing some simple new term assessments to see how the children are progressing with their language, mark making,drawing and numbers. This allows us to help the children progress from the level they are at.

We will also be telling the children the story of "The 3 little pigs" and over the next 2 weeks our classroom enhancements will be based around this popular story.

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May we remind you that the closing date for applications for Reception places is the 15th January.
We believe most people have now completed their forms but if you haven`t  we are more than happy to give you some help with this.

During the Winter months please make sure your child attends Nursery with a waterproof jacket each day. Additional hats/scarfs etc may be needed if the weather is cold. We do believe in the children having some outdoor time each day but on particularly bad days we will keep them under the canape.
Please be aware children may finish Nursery slightly messy or slightly damp from playing outside. We believe that children learn a great deal from playing in different weather conditions and please be assured that your children will not be left in soaking wet clothing for the whole session. If you would like to send spare clothes in to keep at Nursery incase of accidents please hand them to one of the Nursery staff in a named bag.

Nursery times
Please be aware of our Nursery times. We have different sessions running throughout the day where children start/finish at different times.. Nursery times have been carefully planned for the settling of every child.

8.30am- 2 year olds and morning children enter classroom, 30 hour children enter classroom.

11.15-11.30- 2 year olds and morning children home time.

12.30- 2 year olds and afternoon children start time

2.45pm- 30 hour children home time

3.15-3.30- 2 year olds and afternoon children home time.

We now have the opportunity for our morning children to attend additional afternoon sessions if you have an appointment. These will cost 15 pounds for the extra lunchtime and afternoon session.
Bookings must be made by 12p.m on the previous Friday. Please talk to Nursery staff if you need some advice with this.

The Newsletter will also be published on the EYFS blog. You can view this from the school website: or by following the school facebook page.

Please  email staff if you have  any queries on or feel free to pop in and see us if you have any concerns.

Kind regards,

The Nursery Team