Friday, 10 January 2020

WOW Award

I have made my teacher happy
Mihaela in USA -For extra independent homework
Shanel-Rose, Maison, Lilyana, Joshua, Hope, Beau, Asia, Ajus in USA -For moving up a reading level
Amaan in Barbados -For progress in read, write inc
Rio, Daniel, Millie, Bogdan, Lottie, Eleni and Esmai in Egypt -For moving up a book band.
Max, Bentley and Sophia from Egypt -For bingo homework.
Summer and Isabel from Canada -For writing their own poetry
Hanzalah from Canada -For his fantastic work in maths
Jared, Arjya,Sofia, Chloe, Bella-Leigh in Madagascar- For completing Bingo homework
Matteo, Lenny, Zac, Jared, Jokubas, Charleigh, Jaion, David, Summer and Victoria in Madagascar -For moving up a book band.
Charlotte in Mexico -For her fantastic attitude and effort in all lessons throughout the week.
Marley in Mexico -Lunchtime award for being kind and helpful.
Alexandru in Mexico -Lunchtime award for being polite.
Ryleigh-Mae in Mexico -Lunchtime award for being kind and looking after others.
Constantine in Jamaica class -For an amazing start to the spring term
Avyukt in Jamaica class -For moving up a book level
Francesca, Sarah and Olivia-Rose in Northern Ireland -For completing work at home
Olivia in Germany -For maths homework in the holidays
Coby, Ria and Domas in Reception-For moving up book levels
Levi, Keeley, Todor, Layla, Paulina and Evelin in New Zealand -For moving up a book band
Tommy in New Zealand -For completing bingo homework
Muhammad in New Zealand -For doing extra work at home
Tommy R in Wales -For moving up a Book band
Gabriel, Elena, Jake, Alfie, Paige, Michael T and Joshua in Kenya class -For moving up a book band
Leo in Kenya class -For completing Bingo Homework
Izampela, Jack, Tyler, Anete, Alex, Alesha, Gracie- For moving up a book band
Vansh and Mariama in N. Ireland- For fantastic maths homework