Friday, 10 January 2020

Reading Awards

The following pupils have read 10 books and receive a bookmark for their efforts, Chloe, Beau, Obinna, Lexie in USA, Nia in Canada, Ordrey and Katie in Scotland, Olivia in Palau, Ryan and Amaan in Barbados, Alexis, Nisa and James in Egypt, India-Rose in St Lucia. Rosie in Wales and Moises in Kenya.

Mihaela and Ellie in USA, Emilie in Canada, Amen and Amaliah in Palau, Eleni in Egypt, Constantine, Grace Avyukt, Noah in Barbados, Poppy, Amelia, Ella and Ria in St Lucia, Summer and Jokubas in Madagascar, Jovan and Yanis, Chase, Kevin, Lukas and Daisy in Wales, Maxim, Michael. N, Alfie, Michelle and Ines in Kenya, Ryan in Australia and Donald in Argentina have achieved bronze reading awards for reading 25 books.

Silver Reader awards go to Max in Egypt, Joshua in Australia, Jacob in USA, Poppy and Aisha in Jamaica and Nuhaa in Barbados who have read 50 books. They each receive a silver certificate and a £5 book token for their efforts.

Isla in Jamaica, Isabel in Australia have read 75 books and they get a book of her choice for their fantastic effort.

A massive well done to this week’s gold readers Justice in USA and Kajus and Riddhi in Wales who have read 100 books and receive a gold certificate and a trophy for their efforts.

Shay in Jamaica and Donovan in St Lucia have read in excess of 150 books and they receive Platinum certificates and trophies.