Friday, 1 November 2019


Music Exams 2019

Following all the previous years’ successes, this year we had 30 children taking the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music exams. Our students took piano, singing, violin and theory exams showing a range of interlocking skills in performance, notation, listening and musical perception as well as knowledge and understanding. They all passed the exams and some obtained fantastic results- Distinctions and Merits. As a school we are very proud of their achievement and would like to congratulate them and share this amazing news with everybody.

Our Stars are: Mihaela, Marley, Charlotte, Hamit, Havin, Anya, Harrison, Kaylin, Kristupas, Evita, Alexandra, Tanisha, Alexandru, Chloe, Jolin, Amelia N, Vyta, Anmona, Tauruni, Austeja and former year 6 students- Alexandrina, Kian, Daniele, Taha, Raul and Kerry.