Friday, 8 November 2019

WOW Award

I have made my teacher happy
Alexa in Barbados -For her progress in reading
Lucille, Nuhaa, Angelo, D’arc, Layla and Charley in Barbados class -For completing additional learning at home
Roberto and Gabriel in Kenya -For completing their bingo homework
Leo, jake, Ines and Luka in Kenya Class -For moving up a book band
Grace, Hollie, Isla, Leya, Lorena, Lyra, Damira, Scarlett in Jamaica -For completing number and letter formation at home
Leya, Avyukt, Poppy, Logan, Lyra, Shay, Grace, Samhita, Visha, Shayden in Jamaica -For progress in reading
Amira in Chile -For her excellent poetry work completed at home
Isabel, Alex, Anete and Izampela in Australia -For moving up a book band
Olivia-Rose, Remiyah, Daniel B, Sarah and Vansh in Northern Ireland -For moving up a book band
Kezrae, Alfie, Sulejman, Julia and Luke in Italy -For swimming 1 length
Suljeman and Luke in Italy -For swimming 2 widths
Lara and Dev in Egypt -For moving up a book band
Amen in Palau -For completing her homework bingo
Marvellous, David, Benjamin, Kaden, Matthew, Renesmee,Aayan, Nevaeh and Samuel in Palau -For moving up a book band
Ema and Ordrey in Scotland -For moving up a book band
Hamit, Ajus and Jacob in U.S.A -For being excellent friends in the playground
Domas in St Lucia -For extra learning at home.