Friday, 8 November 2019

Junk Model Joy!

It has been a very busy week continuing our learning about 3D shapes in Reception. Thank you so much to everyone who kindly donated recyclables to support our maths topic.

Earlier in the week, the children were encouraged to explore the materials and talk about the variety of 3D shapes on offer which helped to consolidate their learning about the shape names and properties.

Then, the children got the chance spread their imaginative and creative wings to make their very own model. There lots of rockets and fireworks, as well as animals and even a laptop! 

What fun it has been to see the children express a huge range of original and thoughtful ideas as well as displaying great problem-solving skills when thinking about how to go about making their models.

Many thanks again to all those parents and carers who donated the materials to make our junk modelling dreams come true!