Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Year 2 Recycling!

Year 2 have attended a recycling workshop this week. The workshop highlighted the areas in which children can help to change the world: walking to school, reducing the energy we use, growing vegetables, junk modelling, not wasting water, re-using things and recycling our rubbish.

 Tommy's homework.

At home Tommy reused boxes to create a wonderful habitat.

In class the children had 'Top' missions to create things using plastic bottles and cardboard tubes rather than recycle them or throw them away they reused them.
They made bird feeders, rain catchers and plastic bins. We also explored the danger plastic can pose to our wildlife and oceans.

'Recycle paper as trees are important they breath in carbon dioxide and give us air to breathe' said Jake and Ines.
'Reuse your old clothes and take them to charity shops' said Junior.