Monday, 1 March 2021

Breakfast Club reopening (YR to Y6 and Malta)

Monday 1st March 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Breakfast Club reopening (YR to Y6 and Malta)

From Monday 8th March, Breakfast Club will be reopen for parents who require early morning childcare. Below is the key information you should be aware of.

● Start time 7:45

● Last admission 8:20

● Cost £1-50 per session. Payments must be made via Squid - cash is not accepted. Places may be withdrawn where there is an outstanding debt on Squid.

● Toast and cereal will be available and fruit whenever possible.

● The children will be in Year Group Breakfast Club bubbles. It is important the children remain in these bubbles. Places may be withdrawn where children are unable to do this.

● Parents must drop their child/children at the Dining Hall door.

I would like to thank the breakfast club staff for their hard work in being able to reopen the breakfast club provision at such short notice.

If you have any questions, please contact the school office or email

Take care and stay safe.

Mr Denchfield

Executive Headteacher