Friday, 14 June 2019

WOW Award

I have made my teacher happy:
Ordrey and Lily in Kenya -for moving up a book band.
Tilly and Shivanshi in Jamaica -for moving up a book band
Tommy R, Thereisa, Charlie, Rianne, Ella, Chase, Michael and Feroz in Egypt -for moving up a book band.
Nicolas in Barbados -for being a kind friend to his peers
Ryan in St Lucia -for persevering with his independent writing
Lara, Eva, Sienna, Siddi, Jake, Sumad, Millie, Michael and Nisa in Palau -for moving up a book band
Jake and David in Palau -for completing their bingo homework
Joey and Jason in Madagascar -for moving up a book band.
Aniyah, Abigail, Anya, Elma, Isabel, and Scarlett in Greece -for their London homework projects
Aliyah in Germany for her model of London
Sophiat in Germany -for her research on the history of London
Maxim in Australia -for extra learning at home.
Chloe in New Zealand -for Bingo homework
Tehzeeb, Rae-Louise, Tristan, Sofia, Matteo, Rose, Oghomwen, Arjya, Jaion, Arya and Jared in New Zealand -for moving up a book band.
Lenny and Hayden in Wales -for working hard to learn their 12x tables
Brea, Oliver, Lily-Rae and Riley M -for moving up a reading level
Maisie in Scotland -for her fantastic work on time
Makenzie in Canada -for settling well into class and making positive friendships
Tatiana in Argentina -for reading 10 books
Millie-Rae in Scotland -for fabulous maths