Sunday, 14 October 2018

Nursery Newsletter Autumn 1 Week

Dear Parents/Carers

It has been lovely to see how happy the children have been this week.They are so settled and really enjoying their Nursery experiencesettled this week.Far less tears and lots more smiling faces.Thank you for all your support with this process. We are looking forward to this week being even better.

Each week we will post  a newsletter on facebook and the Mead primary school blog page.This will serve as a reminder for events that are coming up and tell you the activities that we plan to cover that week in Nursery. This week the children are learning routines,getting to know their friends and making the most of their lovely enhanced Nursery classrooms.We will begin to work with the children on some starting Nursery activities and take part in a hall P,E session. Each day we will have a short Circle Time and a story time. The children will also sing songs and Nursery rhymes.

Please note we are asking parents not to bring buggies into the corridors as they become overcrowded at peak times and pose a health and safety risk. Please be assured a member of staff will be on hand to provide assistance in looking after buggies and little ones in the morning.
Thank you to everybody who has left their buggies this week.

We are very sorry that there will be some disruption to pick up arrangements while the builders work on the extension to the Nursery. At the beginning and end of the school day the only access will be via gate 1 the main school entrance.Adults collecting Nursery children from the morning session and adults bringing the Nursery children to the afternoon session  will enter via the gate 2 access road .
Thank you for your patience at this time.

We would be delighted to receive your family photos as mentioned in the letter you received on Friday. We look forward to sharing these photos during circle time.

Each week we will choose a child that for some reason has had a really good week.
These are our latest Superstars to win an  award.
Well done we are very proud of you. 



The Learning Federation parents association are running a firework night on Friday 2nd November.
Tickets are available now.

Messages – 
  • PLEASE NAME all items of clothing. This will help when returning lost items, particularly jumpers and cardigans .  
  •   If your child suffers with asthma please ensure their pump is in school and you have completed the relevant paperwork at the main office. 
  • Please ensure you have told Nursery staff of any medical conditions or food allergies.
Family news
Thank you to all the parents who have sent in Harvest food.Tomorrow is the last day for donations .
We thank you in advance for your kindness.

Please let us know if you have any news you would like to share in this section.We love to share good news so just let us know.

Important dates:
Friday 19th October-Nursery closes at 3.30 for half term
Monday 29th October-School reopens after half term
Thursday 8th November-Nursery Parents Meetings
Friday 9th November-Nursery Parents Meetings
Friday 7th December-Stay and Make-Christmas
Thursday 3th December-Christmas jumper day
Friday 14th December-Nursery Christmas concert
Wednesday 19th December-3.30 Nursery closes for Christmas

Please note that the final day of the summer term will be on Friday 19th July, 2019.
INSET Dates and Polling day for 2018-19
3rd September4th September7th January29th April5th June


The Nursery Team