Thursday, 4 October 2018

Northern Ireland became pizza chefs!

Northern Ireland class LOVED visiting a new restaurant in Romford today, MOD Pizza!

When we arrived, the children were all allowed to choose their own drink from the machines.
"I loved the fresh raspberry lemonade" Harry 

The children enjoyed a tour of the restaurant where they were able to go behind the scenes into the kitchen and even went into the big walk in fridge-freezers and got to ask lots of questions. “I couldn’t believe how cold the walk in fridge was!” Macie. 

They were shown the process of how the pizzas were made and then were able to make their own! After using a special machine to roll out the dough, the children spread on their base sauce and picked their own toppings to make their pizzas to their own tastes. Some children were very adventurous with their choices. "I had olives and artichokes on my pizza as I love trying new food!” Daniella. Others got creative with the design of their pizzas Ivan created a smiley face with his. 

Once they were cooked, we were all able to enjoy our creations! There were big smiles all round. 

The children will be using what they have learnt in the restaurant with their instructional writing in literacy.

Parents, if you take the letter given out to the children and their mini pizza box back to the restaurant, children will receive another free pizza when an adult's is bought.