Friday, 1 June 2018

Meet The Goats

If you go down to the farm today you're in for a big surprise... well not that much of a surprise! Every morning you would be greeted with the sight of our EYFS and KS1 pupils having their small group introductions to the animals.

Miss Rowton leads the pupils through a hands on session with each of the residents of the farm. This week it was the turn of the goats. Our pupils learn about:

  • typical goat behaviour
  • special features of a goat: their pupils and hooves
  • what they eat
Luckily the goats adore being groomed - particularly Paige - and they will stand their contently as their backs and bellies are rubbed.

I loved the lesson. I was brave enough to let the goat eat of my hand and I learned that they only have teeth on their bottom jaw.

I learned that goats have a hard outer edge to their hooves. This helps their grip.