Friday, 21 July 2017


Our overall attendance for the year is 95%, just below our target of 96%: hopefully with a joint effort we will reach our target next year! Well done to Mexico class who had the highest attendance for the year in Y5&6 at 95.6% . Germany had the highest attendance in LKS2 at 95.9% and Madagascar had the highest attendance in KS1 also at 95.9%. Well done to them!.

A massive well done to the following children who achieved 100% attendance for the year and who receive their gold attendance badge and a special trophy:

Jamaica- Hurairah Shafique
Palau-Ian Hinton
Australia-Jolin Adjei
New Zealand- Hayden Flower
Madagascar- Summer Hope and Aliyah Iginla
Egypt-Safiyya Al-Azami and Harman Mahal
Kenya-Kai Hope
Wales- Michael Bokombe, Amara Coleman and Lukas Norkas
Scotland- Esther Appiah and Alexandra Winjobi
N. Ireland- Ruby Anderson, Amira Stanley, Hannah Wright and Mihrac Yilmaz
Germany- Andrei Adochitei, Ashley Cassell, Riana Dumitru Maisie Flower and Tatiana Hakeem
Greece- Grace Allen, Alexandrina Cojan and Adedeji Okunoren
Italy- Elizabeth Hau and Alecia Mmor
Canada- Sean Rider
U.S.A -Angel Adjei and Ryan Safo-Frimpong
Mexico- Paris Mmor
Chile- Rosie Bonnett, Daniel Hunt and Harley MacPherson
Brazil- Julia Brkic, Valeria Brkic and Loui Wettner