Tuesday, 8 September 2020


 Dear Parents/carers,

Thank you for you patience and bearing with us following the chaotic drop off situation yesterday.
Today was so much better and it's lovely having our children back in school. They seem as happy to see us as we are to see them and as I walk around I can see lots of hard work going on in the classrooms.

Please can I request that adults refrain from smoking in the line

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the arrangements for Friday:

To limit the number of pupils and staff in contact with each other to only those within the group we have decided to give teachers their PPA time on Friday afternoon. This means that pupils will finish after lunch time and should be collected at the following times:
Year 1 (from gate 3) at 12:45

Year 2 (from KS2 playground) at 12:45

Years 3 and 4 (from KS2 playground) at 12:55

Years 5 and 6 (from KS2 playground) at 13:05

If you are a working parent and so unable to collect at this time please let us know via this LINK.

Those of you who have already advised you are unable to collect after lunch your child can remain in school until their normal time. They will be set work via Google classroom/class Dojo to complete under the supervision of their T.A.

It seems we are very quickly getting back to a 'new normal'. Take care

Yours Sincerely

Mrs L. Smith