Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Virtual Sports Week - 06.07.20

Virtual Sports Week - Week Commencing 06/07/2020
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We are determined to not miss out on some of the more exciting events we hold at the end of year whether you are at school or at home. Our annual 'Sports Day' is no different!

Next week we will be virtually hosting a week of fun 'Sports Day' activities. With just a few household items you’ll be all be able to take part, wherever you are. We’ve chosen activities that don’t require lots of space or fancy equipment, and don’t involve contact between children. But you are welcome to change the activities to suit your situation, the only thing that matters is that you get active and have fun!

Every day, next week, we will publish 2 activities (with video guides to show you what to do) that you can do in your home, garden, at a park or at school. You will need to record your results in a grid, which we will post to our Facebook for you to print at home or you can draw your own!

To make sure you are ready, here is a list of equipment you will need (if you don't have the exact same thing then use your imagination!):
  • Monday: markers (can be literally anything), tape measure or a ruler
  • Tuesday: marker, a target (bucket, large saucepan, washing up basin, etc), throwables (small beanbags, balled up socks, or anything throwable that doesn't bounce much), a spoon (big enough to hold an egg), a hard-boiled egg (or small ball).
  • Wednesday: random objects to make an assault course, sacks (pillowcase, bin bag etc).
  • Thursday: space to dance, a music player, 4 markers, timer 
  • Friday: an empty plastic 500ml water bottle, a table, a stick (short broom, cricket bat etc).
At the end of the week, you can submit your results to us and we will announce winners from each class. Make sure you take lots of photographs and videos to share with us, we can't wait to see you having fun! Stay tuned for more details to follow!